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    Course Title: Carpentry I & II                                           Course no. 8601, 8602

    Instructor:                Brad Bryant

    Course Description:          

    The carpentry program is a two year course for juniors and seniors.  The junior year consists of classroom, and hands on work.  They will assist in building the carpentry house, and then enhance their skills by building utility buildings along with other small projects.  The senior class will build a house from the ground up to practice the skills and competencies they have attained in this class.  The house is sold at the end of the year, and all proceeds go back into the carpentry program.

    Student Outcomes:

    This program is designed to give students various skills, not only in a trade, but also in problem-solving, public speaking, good work ethics, and teamwork.  These skills can set them above those who have no training when seeking employment.  

    Career Cluster:

    This course is part of the Architecture and construction career cluster.   It prepares students for entry level positions in the following career pathways:

                Carpenter’s helper


                Cabinet Maker

                Siding/window installer

                Contractor (with experience)

                Job Estimator

                Building supply associate





                Under a competency-based system of student assessment, traditional grades are replaced by reports of student progress in demonstrating proficiency in meeting learning goals for duty areas or units and learning targets (competencies).  Because student progress will be measured cumulatively, formal grades will only be reported at the end of a semester.  Student progress will be reported as; Exemplary/exceeds standards (4), Proficient / meets standards (3), Developing / approaching standard (2), Beginning / well below standard (1), and insufficient work shown (0).  A variety of assessment strategies, such as projects, demonstrations, oral reports, essays, student portfolios, student/teacher conferences as well as traditional tests, quizzes and homework will be used to determine student progress.  Student behavior may be reported if necessary, but will not factor into the assessment of student performance.  Grade reporting includes:

    Performance (Hands on demonstration)

    Competencies (Proficiency testing)

    First year students earn an OSHA 10 card for completing a 10-hour course from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Second year students take a National Occupational Competency Test (NOCTI) and if they score 70 or above they earn college credits (3).

    Required Resources:

    At this time there are no textbooks required in this class; however, proper attire is necessary to the job tasks.

    *NOTE* Beginning in 2016-17 students will begin working towards certification


    Dress Requirements

    Long pants worn around the waist, and shirt tucked in / or not loose

    No loose or baggy clothing

    Leather boots

    Clothing for all seasons, we work in the cold and heat

    First Year Curriculum:

    First semester:

    Floor Framing, Blueprint Reading, Wall Framing, Ceiling Framing, Roof Framing, Roofing.

    Second Semester:

    Blueprint Reading, Material Estimation, Exterior Finishes, and Construction Math


    Second Year Curriculum:

    First Semester:

    Foundations and Forms, Floor Framing, Wall Framing, Ceiling Framing, Roof Framing, Roofing, Door and Window Installation, and Stair Framing

    Second Semester:

    Insulation and Ventilation, Drywall, Hardwood Floors, Interior Finishes, Metal Stud Installation, Tile and Linoleum Floors, Stair finishes, and Cabinets and Countertops

    *Note* - First year students will take a written assessment test at the beginning of the school year (not reported).  They will be given the same test at the end of the year as their final exam (reported).

    Second year students will take a National Occupational Competency Test (NOCTI) at the beginning of the year for assessment purposes (not reported).  At the end of the year they will take the same test as their final exam (reported).  For those students who score seventy or higher, college credits will be given (3hrs).

    Instructor Contact Information:    Brad Bryant 

    540-245-5002 ext. 220                bryantb@valleytech.us