Valley Career and Technical Center
    Course Syllabus

    Course Title: Electricity II                                                                                                                      State Course # 8534
    Harry McGuire

    Course Description:

    36 weeks

    Students will learn about the various components/devices that make up a complete part of an electrical system including wiring systems, conductors, boxes, fittings, covers, device wiring, overcurrent devices, and grounding. Transformers, motors, and basic control wiring as well as basic conduit bending concepts are also taught to introduce the student to commercial applications of these devices.

    Major Topics Covered:                                                                                            Lab Projects:

    • Safety                                                                                                                   Conduit Bending

    • The Service Entrance                                                                                    Electrical Remodeling Practice

    • Electrical Prints and Specifications                                                        Carpentry House Wiring

    • Branch Circuits, Feeders and Service Design                                      Magnetism/Electromagnetism

    • Appliance Wiring and Special Outlets                                                    Electric AC Motors

    • Electrical Remodeling                                                                                  Transformers

    • Electrical Careers                                                                                           Basic Motor Controls

    • Wiring Systems                                                                                               Various Electrical Projects

    • Conduit Bending                                                             

    • Electric Motors

    • 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC)

    Student Outcomes:

    This course is part of the Trade and Industrial Career Cluster. Completion of Electricity I & II prepares the student for the following:

    • Career Cluster: Architecture and Construction

    • Electricians Helper

    • Electrical Apprentice (Full time employment and enrollment in an apprenticeship program)

    • Meets “formal training” requirements of the VDPOR for Journeyman/Master Electrician’s Exam

    • NOCTI Certification

    • OSHA 10 Hr. Construction Card                                (1st year students)

    Grading (Reporting) Philosophy/ Policy: Under a competency-based system of student assessment, traditional grades are replaced by reports of student progress in demonstrating proficiency in meeting Learning Goals for Duty Areas or units and Learning Targets (competencies). Because student progress will be measured cumulatively, formal grades will only be reported at the end of a semester. Student progress will be reported as; Exemplary / exceeds standard (4), Proficient / meets standard (3), Developing / approaching standard (2), Beginning / well below standard (1), and Insufficient work shown (0). A variety of assessment strategies, such as projects, lab demonstrations, oral reports, essays, student portfolios, student/teacher conferences as well as traditional tests, quizzes and homework will be used to determine student progress. Student behavior may be reported if necessary, but will not factor into the assessment of student performance.


    • Homework

    • Quizzes/Tests

    • Lab Activities

    Contact Information:

    School Phone Number:                                                (540) 245-5002
    School Email Address:                                  mcguireh@valleytech.us
    Required Text:                                                 Modern Residential Wiring Book and Workbook – 2011 Edition