H.V.A.C.R Syllabus


    Course Title:


    Dual enrolled course number: 8503

    Instructor Name: Robert Martin             (540)245-5002 ext203



    Course Description: VVTC’s HVACR high school program is designed to prepare the student for a successful career in HVACR. Not only will the student be given the knowledge of HVACR but the will be given the instruction on how to be a great employee. After the completion of the program the student should feel confident not only in HVCAR but in making life choices.


    Scope of Course: Over the two year program we will cover a wide verity of industry skills.

    1. Safety of tools and environment (OSHA)

    2. Electricity and controls (how to safely install and trouble shoot)

    3. Duct building and design.

    4. Pipe fitting and plumbing

    5. Understanding HVACR

    6. Business Ethics and Finance


    Student Outcome: By applying all that he or she has been taught, the student will be confident to step into the workforce.  Each student should be able to leave the classroom knowing that they have been given the tools for success. 



     Grading Philosophy


    Grading: Will be on a 4 point grading scale and will be competency based. At the beginning of each section covered students will be given an objective sheet to know what is expected to obtain their grade.  Students will be given quizzes to measure where they are, but will not be counted as a grade. At the end of each section there will be an assessment given to measure growth. All students will have the opportunity to retake the assessment as many times as needed. Students must be responsible for arranging the retakes.

    Students will be required to keep a daily journal and they will be checked by the teacher at any given time. These will account for 3 test grades per semester.


    All test and homework will be based on 4 point grading scale and will follow Augusta County letter scale.

    .0 to .99








    F below 60%

    D- =60% to D+ =69%

    C- =70% to B+ =89%

    A-     =90% to A+ =100%

    No Progress to Measure

    Needs Help Understanding Basic Principles

    Has Good Understanding Still Progressing

    Meets and Exceeds Standards


    Attendance:  If the student has prearranged or has an excused absence than he or she will be given an assignment and will have 2 days to turn it.  Note (If you are not at work you can’t be paid and if you are not in class you cannot learn).


    Participation: Each student is required to come to class ready to learn and have a positive attitude. This includes using manners towards instructors and fellow students. When asked to do something use respect and proceed with task given.

    1. 500 club students will have to write the numbers 1-500 and will be given the next day to turn them in or they will have to write 1-1000. On the third day if not turned in I will make call home explaining the offense.

    2. 15 Military style pushups my count

    3. Student will write Mr. McDaniel is Awesome 100 times. Same rules apply as 500 club


    Shop/Lab safety: Each student is required to follow ALL safety requirements. Your child’s safety is most important to us a VCTC. There will be no tolerance for anyone who chooses to break safety rules.

    Required Equipment/ Supplies: Students will be required to bring pencil, pen, paper, appropriate clothing and foot wear daily to class.  PPE will be required at all times in shop and lab areas.


    Industry Based Credentials awarded through the course:

    30hr OSHA safety card

    Skills Membership

    CFC Certification

    Completion of HVAC program for DPOR




    I have read all the above requirements of the HVACR course and I am in Agreement with all that is required of me as a student and or parent/guardian of student.


    Student                                                                                                                                Parent/Guardian

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