Biology II - Environmental Science (Ecology) 

    Mrs. Teresa Ward Room # B4



    1. To give student information to use in making decisions involving everyday life and it’s effect on the environment.

    2. To involve the student in experiences working towards building a safer and longer lasting environment, for theirs and future generations.

    3. To expose students to information about past environmental successes and disasters.

    4. To expose students to the consequences of their actions locally and globally.



    First Nine Weeks

    Chapter 1:  Science and The Environment

    Chapter 2:  Tools of Environmental Science

    Chapter 4:  The Organization of Life

    Chapter 5:  How Ecosystems Work
    Chapter 6:  Biomes
    Chapter 7:  Aquatic Ecosystems  

    Second Nine Weeks


    Chapter 11:  Water

    Chapter 12:  Air

    Chapter 17:  Nonrenewable Energy

    Chapter 18:  Renewable Energy

    Chapter 19:  Waste

    Chapter 20: human Health and the environment


         *Stream Study




    Students will go outside at least one day a week and will be asked  to dress appropriately.

    I recommend an old pair of sneakers be left in the classroom to wear.


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