Advanced Topics/Biology II – Anatomy and Physiology

    Mrs. Teresa Ward  Room B 4



    1.  To provide students with the basic knowledge of the human body as it relates to them.

    2.  To develop an appreciation of the basic concepts of human anatomy and physiology.

    3.  To provide insight into how the body works by studying the body systems and functions using medical terminology and performing labs.

    4.  To study achievements in the field of anatomy and physiology, technology and medicine.


    First Nine Weeks

             Chapter 1:  The Human Body : An Orientation

             Chapter 3:  Cells and Tissue

             Chapter 4:  Skin and Body Membranes

             Chapter 5:  The Skeletal System        

             Chapter 6: The Muscular system

             Chapter 7:  The Nervous System           

    Second Nine Weeks

          Chapter   8: Special Senses

          Chapter 11: The Cardiovascular System


              Chapter 13: The Respiratory System

             Chapter 14: The Digestive System and Body Metabolism

             Chapter 15: The Urinary System

    Final Exam is Comprehensive
    Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis.
    All students are expected to actively participate in class. 
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