Spanish 1 Syllabus – Fall 2020

    Instructor:  Miss Megan Shifflett

    School Phone #: (540) 245-5050

    Instructor email: shifflett.me@augusta.k12.va.us


    Class Procedures:

    1. Upon entering the classroom, you will go immediately to a seat marked for the correct course and schedule that you follow (A or B) and begin working on the Bellwork assignment online.  
    2. If you need to use the restroom or get a drink, you will need to ask permission and return promptly.  These privileges can be revoked at any time if I see fit.
    3. All quizzes may be retaken once. 
    4. You may listen to music quietly if you are working independently. If I am talking to the class or another student is addressing the class you should pause/turn off your music. If I hear the music after I ask you to turn it down, you will lose the privilege to listen to music and need to put it away. 
    5. I am available for extra help both before and after school until at least 3:45pm, as well as all day on Mondays.  If needed, I can try to work out additional time.  I am here to help, so never be afraid to ask. 
    6. Your assignments for the week are due every Monday by 11:59 pm unless otherwise stated.  Assignments will lose 10% per day that they are late.  If you have extenuating circumstances and will have trouble meeting a due date, talk to me and I may make an exception if there are extreme circumstances. Please read all instructions carefully. 


    COVID-19 Adjustments:

    • All desks are marked “A,” “B,” or “X.” Students on “A” days may choose any “A” desk unless Miss Shifflett decides he/she needs a specific seat assignment. “B” day students may choose any “B” day under the same circumstances, and “X” desks are always off-limits as they are not 6 feet away from other desks. Students do not need to sit in the same seat every day. 
    • All “A” desks are at least 6 feet away from all other “A” desks, and the same applies to “B” desks.
    • My desk and teaching area at the front of the classroom are both 6 feet from the nearest desk as well. 
    • All desks will be cleaned before another student uses them. 


     Required Materials for Class:

    3-ring binder (1.5” or larger)

    Lined, blank paper

    At least 1 pencil, a red and a black pen

    At least 1 highlighter


    USB Drive if you have limited internet access


    Grading System

           The county uses a percentages system for grading: Major Grades (50%), Minor Grades (40%), Practice/Participation (10%). "Major Grades," will include tests and projects. "Minor Grades" will include quizzes, speeches, and graded classwork. "Practice and Participation" will include Bellwork, class participation grades, and homework done for a completion grade.

           Unless otherwise stated in class, all assignments will be graded and returned within three days. I will give crossword puzzles, word finds, etc. to students who have completed assignments early for a small amount of extra credit periodically throughout the semester.  I enjoy rewarding effort, so I may also give opportunities to correct assignments for extra credit points.

    Honor Code:

             You will be expected to follow the school honor code.  If caught cheating or getting answers from other students (unless working on an assignment that specifically allows you to work in partners) you will receive a zero for the assignment and/or be referred to the office for disciplinary action.  I do not tolerate cheating in any form and you will not receive a “second chance” when it comes to cheating.  "Working together" and sharing answers is cheating. 


    Extra Credit:

             I enjoy rewarding effort, so I may also give opportunities to correct assignments for extra credit points.  If you choose this option, I will average the two grades you earned.  For instance, if you earn a 70% the first time and after corrections you have a 90%, your final grade will be 80%.  This will not be available for all/many assignments, so do your best work the first time. 



    • Masks: 
      • MUST be worn at all times, unless it is a designated "mask break for your section of the room. If not worn, you will be sent to the office.
    • Seating:
      • Once you choose a desk, do not switch that day. 
    • Moving around the classroom: 
      • You may use the pencil sharpener, etc. PLEASE let me know when you have done so. I will need to sanitize these items after each use. 
      • Try to eliminate touching surfaces and spaces that are not yours. 
      • Keep your hands to yourself. 
    • Exiting the classroom:
      • bathroom - A teacher/staff member may ask you to wait (physically distanced 6ft). Only a certain number of people are allowed in the restroom at a time. 
      • nurse - The teacher/staff member will contact the nurse. He/She may tell you that the nurse's office has reached capacity and you will need to return to class.
      • library or guidance - The teacher/staff member will radio to these places to see if they are available. If the space is full, he/she will ask you to return to the classroom and try again later.
      • It is not necessary to take a pass or sign out.
      • When in the hallway, you will see a "hall monitor." This teacher/staff member will ask you where you are going. 
    • Eating:
      • Do not eat in the classroom.
      • Do not share food items with your classmates. 
    • Hand sanitizer and hand washing:
      • Hand sanitizer will be available to you in my classroom as well as other various parts of the building. Please take advantage of these resources. 
      • Some places are breeding grounds for germs. These places include things such as door handles, bathrooms, etc. Pay attention to the things you touch and then sanitize or wash your hands afterwards. 

    These rules and regulations are in place to keep our community as healthy as possible. 

    Please be patient and understanding as we work out the bugs in the system. 

    We are constantly trying to improve and will continue to do so.

Last Modified on September 2, 2020