• Alternative Setting Program Information and Expectations

    Enrollment into the Alternative Setting Program (ASP) is determined by either the Augusta County Discipline Committee or school principal.

    Student and parent must be provided a copy of the ASP Information and Expectations document and discuss the consequences prior to the start of the program.

    ASP Course Enrollment Form must be submitted online by the school counselor and principal denoted approval of placement prior to starting the course.

    Instructional Format of ASP

    1. Curriculum is provided through online instruction. Teacher assistance is available after school during the scheduled ASP sessions. (two days per week)
    2. Students are expected to complete work daily, either at home or during the school day if appropriate.
    3. There are two ASP formats: after school (attend up to two days per week) or during the regular school day. (Special permission from Central Office is needed for any “at home” services.)


    ASP Expectations

    With enrollment into this program, the student is required to adhere to the following expectations:                                                                                      

    1. The student will complete the class based on the enrollment date and the completion date determined by the principal or discipline committee.
    •  For students assigned to the alternative school program for a substance abuse policy infraction:
      • The student will enroll in two core courses.       
      • The student will complete and pass both courses.
      • If the student does not complete the two courses by the end of the semester, the student will remain in the alternative program.
      • The Discipline Committee determines when the student returns to a regular school setting.
    1. The student will make satisfactory progress towards graduation by successfully completing coursework and meeting the established deadlines set by the principal, ASP Coordinator and/or the ASP teacher.  Each student is given a personalized pacing guide which must be followed. Failure to turn in regular assignments or adhere to the pacing guide may lead to dismissal from the program.
    2. All tests and examinations will be completed at ASP site (exceptions for discipline situations).
    3. After-school participants will attend all days and times as assigned.  Absences and tardiness from the assigned sessions will be recorded. Students who exhibit excessive absenteeism may be referred to Augusta County Juvenile and Domestic Court for truancy.
    4. After-school participants will be responsible for their own transportation to and from ASP.  This applies to after-school sessions and/or testing sessions.
    5. The student will follow all established rules for conduct and behavior through Augusta County Schools and the host school’s Handbook/Discipline Plan.
    6. The student will be required to complete all assignments and assessment for each enrolled course according to the set pacing guide provided by the ASP teacher.
    7. Student’s progress will be monitored.  If adequate progress is not demonstrated according to the pacing guide, the student’s participation in the program will need to be reevaluated by school officials, parents, and student.  The student may be removed from the alternative setting program at the discretion of school/county officials.
    8. Student’s final grade will be calculated as follows:

                  Course Curriculum - 80%                                                                                                                                                    Major Assignments - assessments, projects                                                                                                                Minor Assignments - practice assignments, quizzes                                                                                                  Participation - lesson completion, keeping up with pacing, attendance, etc.                                                      Final Examination - 20%

    1.  Upon completion of the class, the student will receive a final grade.  No nine-week grades will be reported.

    Failure to comply with expectations outlined above may result in the student’s dismissal from the program.  If the student was placed into the Alternative Setting Program by the school for disciplinary reasons and fails to meet expectations as outlined above, they may be referred to the Augusta County Schools Discipline Committee.  If the Augusta County Schools Discipline Committee places a student in the Alternative Setting Program and the student is found to be in violation of the expectations above, he/she may be referred back to the committee.