• Mrs. Hill 

    America Rocks!  


    Civics is a challenging core class in which students will practice the intellectual skills required to become responsible citizens.  Students will:  1) examine the roles citizens play in the political and economic systems of the United States, 2) examine the Constitutions of Virginia and the United States, 3) identify rights, duties, and responsibilities of United States citizens, and 4) describe the structure and operation of local, state, and national levels of government. In addition, students will investigate the decision-making process involved in the American market economy as well as the role of the government and the consumer within the economic system.  Students will experience civic life in the school environment which will help them to become more aware of the importance of personal character traits required to participate effectively in the diverse society of the United States today



    Textbook:  Our State and Nation by Five Ponds


    Grading:  Grading policy is consistent with Augusta County Schools' standards. The nine-week grade will be calculated using the following: Middle School Grading Categories

    40% Major assignment (Tests, Projects, Quizzes)

    30% Minor assignments ( Current Events, Worksheets, graded work)

    20% Participation (Classwork, Group work)

    10% Practice (Homework, Comprehension check, Starters)


    Students are asked to review every day for 10-15 minutes using one of the study strategies learned in class.   This is essential to your child’s success. Additional homework assignments given should take no more than 30 minutes (unless it is an extended assignment).  At the beginning of every class period, students will take a few minutes to copy the next day’s homework assignment in their day planners.  If homework is assigned, students will be asked to copy (exactly) what is written on the board.  This will help to prevent any confusion regarding the assignment. Assignments are expected to be submitted on time.  If a particular assignment is not due on the following day, this will be indicated in the planner.  The score for work that is submitted late will be accepted at a reduced rate.

    Makeup Work:

    If a student is absent from class, it is his/her responsibility to find out what work was missed. If the homework involves teacher supplied materials (such as a worksheet), I will provide the worksheets or other resources needed, however it is still the responsibility of the student to come to me and find out what was missed.  

    Materials Required:  


    Computer, Earbuds,



    Guidelines have been established to provide a safe and secure environment in which all students can learn.  Students are expected to follow all rules established by Augusta County Public Schools and Stewart Middle School. 


    All information is located in the Google Classroom. Please have your child log into the Google Classroom and show you the information.