• Science Current Event Checklist


    A current event is something that is going on in the world at this time.  You are to use a news source (ex. newspaper, news web site, Newsela- I recommend Newsela) to complete this assignment.  DO NOT use books!  You are not writing a book report or a research article.  Please type using 14 point font that I can read.


    Name of the news article (must be a science topic; see me if unsure)  _____

    Date the article was written (must be January 1, 2020 or later) _____

    Author of the article ______

    Source (in what news source (name) did you find the article?) _____

    Summary of the article (what is it about?  3-5 sentences in your own words; paragraph) _____

    What did you learn from the article (1 or more sentences)? _____

    What questions do you have about the article (at least 1)? _____

    What did pictures, charts, graphs, or other graphics show (at least one thing)? _____


    All current events must be submitted through Google Classroom.  You will have two due each of the nine weeks.  They are each 10% of your grade, and WILL NOT BE TAKEN LATE.