The Legends


    Dear Parents,

    Ms. Beauchamp, Mrs. Clymore, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Ratliff, Mrs. Whitesell, Mr. Renne, Mrs. Moore, and Ms. Fix welcome you to the Legends Team. We are looking forward to working with you and the students on our team. We are planning an eventful year with many activities and educational opportunities. To help you, we would like to give you a brief outline of our plans and expectations. 


    Team and School Expectations 

    ROAR - be Respectful, Observe safety, Act kindly, be Responsible 

    Our team insists that students follow all school expectations. Students are expected to follow the team rules listed below. Students who choose to consistently follow these rules and expectations will earn privileges throughout the school year. 


    Team Rules

    1.) Come to class with necessary materials. Teachers can no longer loan Chromebooks,

                        pencils, earbuds, colored pencils, scissors, etc.

    2.) Be on time, in your seat, and ready to get started.

    3.) Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

    4.) Respect each other and yourself.

    5.) No gum! Water only, in a clear bottle.

    6.) Follow technology expectations. (AUP)


    **Students need to bring their chargers in their backpacks with them to school.



    Please send an email to bmms_absences@augusta.k12.va.us (link on BMMS webpage) or send a note within 3 days of the absence to excuse the absence.     


    Homeroom Expectations

    Upon arrival, students will pick up their breakfasts from a designated location and report to homeroom.  Homeroom will be a valuable time for students to complete their work, especially if the internet is not accessible at home. Students need to come prepared with something to read as well.  


    Virtual Learning

    The days that students are not in school we expect them to be completing the learning modules found in Canvas for that day. It is expected that students will spend approximately 30 minutes per day for each of their classes. It is important that students keep up with the assignments, so that in-person learning can operate smoothly. Please refer to the week at a glance document for the Legends team. Earbuds will be required as we will no longer be able to loan these to students.


    Fully Distanced Virtual Classroom Support

    Andrew C (A.K.A Mr. C) cocke.aw@augusta.k12.va.us

    I am here to help navigate Canvas and provide support to families trying to understand the at home learning materials. If you have questions regarding online learning, feel free to reach out via email or call the school directly and ask for Mr. C.


    Week at a Glance

    Our team will communicate with students and parents using this document weekly. This document will be linked in Canvas as well as sent through Infinite Campus for your easy access. These will be posted Monday afternoon for the upcoming week. All assignments for the week will be due the following Monday, unless otherwise clarified.



    Lunches will be delivered to the classroom. Students will eat at their desks. Students will have a choice between a cold or a hot lunch.


    Bathroom Policy

    Students will sign out using their Chromebooks. Only 4 students will be allowed in the restroom at any given time. Masks are required. 



    Failure to complete assignments will be reflected in his/her grade. Grading categories within Infinite Campus are Major Grades (40%), Minor Grades (30%), Participation (20%), and Practice (10%). We follow the Augusta County grading scale



    We will be sending out weekly emails on Mondays through Infinite Campus. If you are not getting them, be sure your parent portal settings will allow notifications from teachers by clicking on the person icon in the top right corner, “Settings,” “Contact Preferences,” scroll to “Email” tab, Teacher box. Infinite Campus will also send you emails about failing grades and missing work. Please feel free to contact us by phone (886-5806) or email.

    Reading - Leigh Beauchamp -  beauchamp.le@augusta.k12.va.us

    Reading - Theresa Moore - tmoore@augusta.k12.va.us

    English - Cynthia Morris - morris.cj@augusta.k12.va.us

    Resource - Amanda Fix - fix.ac@augusta.k12.va.us

    Math - Josie Ratliff - ratliff.jj@augusta.k12.va.us

    Math - Eric Renne - renne.ej@augusta.k12.va.us

      History - Angie Clymore - aclymore@augusta.k12.va.us

    Science - Amanda Whitesell - whitesell.as@augusta.k12.va.us


    Please keep in mind that this is an unprecedented school year. Both teachers and students will be learning skills/routines and using tools that are brand new to them. We appreciate your understanding as we work through these challenges!

    If you need to contact your child’s teacher, please know that we will respond to you in a timely manner - typically within 24 hours. Our planning time is from 8:45-10:15 am daily. However, we do frequently have meetings during this time frame. We thank you for your patience and your flexibility!


    Please take a moment to complete this Parent Signature Form on the Google Form linked here. 


     This will let us know that you have received/read our team letter and survey. This will also give us valuable information about your internet access, and if you are getting our Infinite Campus messages.  Please fill this out by September 7th. Thanks!