• students Pointers for Parents
    How to Motivate Your Child in School
    1.  Show your child that learning is a lifetime process.  Talk about things you would like to learn as an adult and show how you are learning new things.
    2.  Establish an educational atmosphere in your home.  Let your child see you reading and looking up information.  Include educational trips in your family plans.
    3.  Show an interest in your child's education.  Encourage your child to talk about school.  Provide a place for him/her to do homework.  When looking at your child's paper, find something good about each paper.
    4.  Model respect for your child's school system.  Speak positively about the school and teacher.  Talk about good things that are happening at school.  Attend school functions. 
    5.  Recognize that everyone makes mistakes.  Mistakes are part of the learning process.  What matters the most is what you do after the mistake.
    6.  Display their work.  Show them you are proud of what they do at school. 
Last Modified on August 23, 2016