Speech Sound Development

Your Questions...ANSWERED!

  • What does this chart mean?

    This chart shows the average age for speech sound development for English speaking children. 

     My child doesn't use all of the sounds that he should according to the chart. Does that mean he has a delay?

    Not necessarily. As with many areas of child development, speech sound development progresses at different rates for different kids. Remember, this chart provides an average--about half of children will develop the sounds by the age indicated, which means that half won't.

     When should I be concerned?

    A general rule is that people should understand at least 50% of a child's speech by age 2, at least 75% by age 3, and at least 90% by age 4.

     How do I know if I should contact a Speech Language Pathologist?

    You should contact a professional anytime that you have concerns about your child's speech or language development. We are here to help and early intervention is key.

     How do I contact a Speech Language Pathologist?

    You can directly email the SLP at your child's school, contact your child's teacher or you can call the school and leave a message. If your child doesn't attend school yet, call the school that your child will attend.