• Class Scheduling

    Here is the general procedure and time line we use for scheduling students in classes for the upcoming school year. Based on students’ course requests and requirements, administrative decisions are made on staffing and course offerings are finalized. The master schedule is determined based on staff availability and on efforts to provide the most opportunities for student choices, with the fewest scheduling conflicts.

    Students will receive information from their counselors about course registration. Students will hear about programs such as senior mentorship, Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School (SVGS) and Valley Career and Technical Center (VCTC). Interested students will also have the opportunity to visit SVGS and VCTC. 

    Late November to March
    Counselors will begin meeting with students individually or in groups to complete course registration for the next year. Fall teachers recommend course levels based on student achievement. The list of the tentative course requests will be available online to parents in the early spring. Parents are invited to meet with their child’s counselor regarding course requests, graduation requirements, and educational/career goals and should contact the school counseling office if they wish to set up an appointment. The student, parent, and counselor should approve all course requests or changes in core courses. Please consider choices carefully, as it is difficult to make changes once the master schedule has been completed.

    March to May
    Staffing and course offerings are finalized. Spring teachers recommend appropriate course levels based on student achievement. Master schedule is developed. Counselors may meet with students individually to review plans and make any necessary changes. Students wishing to change any course selections should see their counselor before the end of school.

    May to End of July
    The master schedule and teaching assignments are finalized. Students’ course lists may be revised to reflect previous course failures. Schedule conflicts are resolved and alternate courses are chosen as necessary.

    Early August
    Teacher assignments and student schedules are finalized. Schedules are available in the main office. Schedule changes at this point should be primarily limited to resolving schedule conflicts.