• March 18, 2020

    Dear Students,

    Below please find instructions for a writing activity.  Paper copies of this activity are available in the front lobby at RHS.  Look for the English Dept. table to get a paper copy.


    2020 Parody


    Riverheads High School                                                        Mrs. Nancy Reed

    Textbooks:  Prentice Hall British /                                       nreed@augusta.k12.va.us

            Vocabulary for Achievement                                        540.337.1921


    English 12 is a course designed to hone students’ oral and written communication skills, to practice workplace skills, and to familiarize students with significant works of British literature.  Students will:

    • Examine how writers reflect and effect culture. Find our own distinct writing voices.
    • Compose in different genres, with emphasis on work readiness.
    • Produce a formal research project requiring them to find, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and organize information from a variety of documented sources.  
    • Learn basic job communication skills and prepare clear, concise expository and technical writings to a standard acceptable in the workplace or in college.

     The class will include daily vocabulary study (with weekly tests), daily reading of novels, and daily writing in our writer’s notebooks. Bring your novel, vocab book, and Writer’s Notebook every day.  As soon as you are issued a chromebook, bring that FULLY CHARGED chromebook or another FULLY CHARGED laptop to class with you before the tardy bell each day.


    Supplies:  Binder space to organize hole- punched handouts

                    Pens, pencils, lined notebook paper


    Homework:  Students are expected to read for 20 minutes every day.  While this is typically done in class, if you miss class, it becomes homework.  The same is true of any other assignments we do in class:  If you want credit, make up the work.

    Mrs. Ernst, whose classroom library contains a wide variety of reading materials for a wide range of readers, has generously offered to share access to students in my class.  Use of this privilege is entirely dependent on a student’s ability to find and check out books without disrupting Mrs. Ernst’s class.   Students will be expected to read self-selected books this semester.  Students may bring books from home or check out books from the public library, the RHS library, or the classroom library.  Mrs. Reed may recommend books that are suitable for students’ reading levels and help students choose books on their own but will not censor selections.  If at any time the student or parent becomes uncomfortable with a book selection because of content or level of difficulty, the student should inform Mrs. Reed and switch to a more appropriate book.  If parents have specific guidelines about what their child may or may not read, they should inform Mrs. Reed!  

    Major Grades:  tests, projects, essays and papers


    Minor Grades: quizzes, drafts, brief assignments,  class discussions, group work


    Participation: use of class time, attendance, behavior, preparedness, cooperation



    The semester exam will count as 20% of the final class grade.  Grade reports will be sent home every 4.5 weeks via progress reports and report cards.  Grades will be calculated numerically in Infinite Campus.  Late work receives partial credit for a limited time.  Missing work calculates as a zero.  Students have three days to make up work after an absence for full credit. Completing this course with a passing grade is required for graduation. Seniors who earn an overall average grade of A- or better AND WHO HAVE MISSED NO MORE THAN FIVE CLASS PERIODS are exempt from the final.  (School activities such as field trips do NOT count toward the five class periods.)


    Grading Scale


    A+           98-100

    A             92-97

    A-            90-91

    B+           88-89

    B             82-87

    B-            80-81

    C+           78-79

    C             72-77

    C-            70-71

    D+           68-69

    D             62-67

    D-            60-61

    F               0-59 



    Classroom Rules

    Be on time.  Use the toilet, get water, and run errands BEFORE school.  If you are not in your seat by the time the tardy bell sounds, then you are late, even if your bookbag/supplies are in the classroom.  This shows common sense.


    Enter the room quietly, go to your seat, and get in it.  Your phone is to be turned off and put away.  This shows responsibility.


    Remain quiet during announcements and especially during the moment of silence.  It has a purpose:  to help us clear our minds and focus on our work.  This shows respect.


    Raise your hand to speak and listen when it is someone else’s turn.  Even if you disagree with someone’s statement, wait your turn to speak.  This shows maturity.


    Stay in your seat and focus on the task at hand.   As a high school senior, you have realized that we are here to work, not to play.  We all have personal interests and hobbies, but class time is learning time.  Cooperation demonstrates your good character.


    Keep your hands, feet, and objects away from other people. Do not throw anything.  This shows respect.


    Keep your class materials out and ready to use until I tell you it is time to pack up.  This demonstrates wisdom, as you don’t know what I might have you do in the last couple minutes.


    Remain in your seat until the dismissal bell sounds.  This shows self-restraint, a necessary quality for success and happiness in life.


    Any behavior that disrupts your learning or your classmates’ learning or my teaching is disrespectful.  

    On the other hand, when you demonstrate common sense, responsibility, respect, maturity, good character, consideration for others, wisdom, and self-control, you will find that passing this class is not that difficult.  Even if you fail every test.  Seriously.  If you are easy to get along with and you submit all your completely finished work on time, you will pass this class.



    100% effort every day               arrow                  passing this course the first time.



    My role is to prepare you for the difficulties that we all encounter in life, not to protect you from them.