• Independent Living

    Family & Consumer Sciences

    Mrs. Debra Sharp




    Students in Independent Living build life skills focusing on establishing positive relationships, balancing work and family life, investigating careers, making responsible consumer choices, applying nutrition and wellness knowledge, and studying child development and parenting.




    Work is considered late if it is turned in after class dismissal. Students may turn in work late for a reduced grade. Work is accepted without penalty following an excused absence on the date of return. Any work missed during an excused absence is due three days after returning to class unless other arrangements are made with the teacher.  The 10 point grading scale will be used.

    I expect every student to give his or her best effort in completing assignments.


    Grades are determined using the following method:

    Each assignment is worth a specific number of points (Ex. Homework is usually worth 20 points, quizzes and tests 50 – 100, major projects and papers 100 – 200). 

    Assignments within each category are then averaged and comprise a percentage of the final grade.  A final exam will be given at the end of the smester.

                Major Grades (tests, projects, labs)                 50 percent

                Daily Work                                                     40 percent

                Participation                                                   10 percent



    Students may exempt the end-of-course examination by meeting the attendance requirement (no more than five absences for the semester) AND achieving a final average of 89.5% or above.

    Progress Reports

    I will send home a progress report each nine weeks at the time suggested by the Augusta County calendar.  Please have your parent sign the progress report and return it to me the next day.


    Turning In Work

    Place work in the assignment tray located at the front of the room.  Please do not just put papers on my desk as they may get misplaced. When you turn in work, include your name (first and last), the block, and the date.  This information insures that you get credit for your work.  Work must legible.  If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it.  I will return any assignment that is difficult to read and ask that you rewrite it. 



    Due to the nature of the class and the work involved, good attendance is expected. Per Augusta County policy, students with excused absences may make up work until the third day back at school. Work from unexcused absences is due the day a student returns to school. After this, a zero will be placed in the grade book. Remember, it is your responsibility to come to me to get make-up work. If you were absent, you’ve missed something!



    Behavior Expectations

    Students are expected to follow all rules in the handbook. Any behavior that disrupts the learning environment is not acceptable. The teacher will warn the student of the behavior. If the behavior continues, parents and/or administration will be notified. 



    As per Augusta County policy, cell phones and other electronic devices (MP3s, iPods, PSPs, etc.) are not permitted in the classroom. If they are seen or heard, they will be confiscated and students must go to the office to get them back.

    Food and Drink

    Please do not eat food in my classroom. Thank you for your cooperation. J


    Bathroom Facilities

    Students must request permission from the teacher and sign out on the form near the door. Any abuse of this policy will be addressed.


    I have read and understand the syllabus the FACS Class (Nutrition & Wellness, Independent Living, Child Development & Parenting, Family Relations, and Early Childhood Education) That I am enrolled in at this time.  I will follow all rules and complete all assignments to be successful in this class.




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