Technology Transfer

  • Technology Foundations is an introductory course in technology. Students aquire a foundation in technological material, enery and information and apply general processes associated whith the technological thinker. Challenged by laboratory activities, students create new ideas and innovations, build systems, and analyze technological products to learn further how and why technology works. Students learn how technology impacts our lives in positive and negative ways. Students also learn by activity based learning. Students projects can be individually, paired or in a team for different activities. 

    Activity Units are as follows:

    • Introduction to Technology, Technology Areas, and Technology Systems
    • Introduction to sketching, and basic drawing using AutoCad ( Computer Aided Drafting )
    • Tool and Shop Safety - It is important that student follow safety rules and proper tool use and conduct themselves with safety in mind at all times.
    • Elements of Designing
    • Woodworking introductory projects:  Push Stick/ Oven Rack Stick, Napkin Holder, small shelf and other small projects as time allows
    • Mechanical systems using Lego Kits
    • Lego Robotics
    • 3D design and 3D printing projects
    • Model bridges and design testing
    • Basic electronics introduction and project
    • CO2 car design and race
    • Using the computer as a tool to find information, use of different applications and simulations. Safe computer usage in regards to internet use. Storage of work and projects using google drive.
    • Electrical and Electronic Systems