• Retirement / Resignation Notification Process
    Employees are responsible for notifying the school division, in writing, of their intentions to retire or resign from the school system. Refer to Administrative Policy 5.700 and 5.730 for guidelines on notice requirements.
    The Personnel Department has developed an electronic Retirement/Resignation Form in Talent Ed Records and requires employees to use this form for the written notification process. Please follow the instructions listed below:
    • Log on to your Talent Ed Records account
    • Click on Blank Docs Tab
    • Locate the document – Retirement / Resignation Form 2018- 2019
    • Click – Add as an E-Form
    • Fill out completely

    The Personnel Office will receive the form electronically and will respond within a few days acknowledging your resignation or retirement.



    Full-time employees that retire or resign cannot return to part-time work with Augusta County Schools for a period of 26 weeks. This includes working as a substitute, para-professional coach, reading aide, bus driver, etc. Federal law mandates under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) dictates the process for determining benefit eligibility for a returning employee and imposes penalties for non-compliance.