• About 5th Grade:

         5th Grade is an exciting year! Still, it is a year of transition! Just think, this time next year, your student will be in middle school! Still, we have a lot to accomplish this year. 5th graders will work hard, but we will play hard, too. We have lots of opportunities for fun with clubs, opportunities to participate in the spelling bee and 24 tournaments, field trips, the musical, and other day to day things. We do have 4 SOLs this year including Reading, Math, Virginia Studies, and Science. Near the end of the year, we will visit Stewart Middle School in preparation for our transition there and Valley Vo-Tech to see what the future may hold. 


    How Can You Help?

         Family involvement in student learning is key to great success. There are things that you can do to help your student have a successful year. 

    • First of all, communicating with me is so important. I encourage you to contact me at any time through email, note, phone, or Dojo (link on the links page). When your student knows that we can communicate well, many issues can be avoided or resolved quickly.

    • Ask your child how they are doing. Encourage your student to share his/her successes and not just his/her struggles. 

    • Help your student with homework, especially reading. I don't give much homework, but I do want students to read at least 20 minutes outside of school daily. Even if you don't read with them, ask them to tell you about what they read. Ask them about characters and have them make predictions about what may happen next. Have them sequence events for you, give the main idea, or discuss why the author may have written the story that way.

    • Help your child build study habits. Encourage him/her to study ahead of time and not just cram the night before. 

    • Involve your student in day to day tasks that will support the need to learn things like reading and math. Have him/her carry a calculator in the store and add up your purchases. Have him/her read a recipe to you. Have him/her read advertisements and talk about the choices the advertisers are trying to convey. Read the book that goes with an upcoming movie release. These types of interactions give purpose to your student's learning.

    • Volunteer in the classroom or at the school. Be involved in PTA or other school groups. Your involvement lets your student know that school is important. 

    • Demonstrate a positive attitude about school even if you didn't particularly like school. Show interest in your student's education. 

    • Let your student see you reading, balancing your checkbook, using math to solve a problem, reading to find an answer, etc!