• Teacher: Beth Powers Haynes                                                                    Room: A7


    FDHS: (540) 245-5050



    Textbook: Glencoe Pre-Calculus

    Gaphing Calculator - Graphing calculators will be available for students to check out for the semester.

    Notebook and pencil

    This course takes the basic algebra concepts learned in ALgebra II and expands on them.  Topics covered include polynomials, exponential functions, logarithms, analytic geometry, trigonomtery, matices, system of equations, parametric equations, polar equations, vectors, sequences and series, mathematical inductiona and the binomial theorem.

    Nine Weeks Grades will be determined by tests, quizzes, graded assignments and homework.

    Grade calculation:

    Tests 50%

    Quizzes 40%

    Homework and graded assignments 10%

    Final exam will be given at the end of the semester and counts 20% of the final grade.


    Extra help is available before and after school.