Fall 2019 Course Syllabus

    Ms Kim



    Classroom Expectations

    1.  Be respectful to yourself, other students, and the teacher.
    2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    3. Respect others’ property.
    4. Arrive on time with your materials, ready to work.
      ***An office referral will be given each time a student accumulates 4 tardies.***
    5. Cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices must be turned off in the classroom. If they are seen or you are caught using one of these items, it will be turned in to an administrator.
    6. Please stay in your seat until the bell rings to end class.
    7. Drinks with closing tops are allowed. If drinks are spilled, you are expected to clean up your mess.
    8. Strive to be successful.
    9. If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask! I am here to help.


    • County and School discipline policies will be followed.
    • If student behavior is unacceptable, parents may be contacted and may be asked to attend a student/parent/teacher conference to discuss the student’s conduct.


    Course Description

    Algebra II Part 1 is the first semester course of a two-semester algebra sequence. Algebra II is designed to continue the study of topics explored in Algebra I. Topics include complex numbers; functions and graphs; systems of equations and inequalities; polynomial, logarithmic and exponential functions and equations; sequences and series. Graphing calculators are used to enhance the understanding of realistic applications through mathematical modeling and to aid in the investigation and study of functions, equations, and inequalities. This course also provides students the opportunity to improve their skills in preparation for college, technical careers, military service or advanced mathematics courses.


    Chapter 1: Solving Equations and Inequalities

    Chapter 2: Linear Relations

    Chapter 3: Systems of Equations & Inequalities

    Chapter 5: Polynomials

    Chapter 6: Quadratic Functions and Inequalities

    Chapter 7: Polynomial Functions



    3-ring binder (2 inch)

    Pencils and erasers


    Loose leaf paper

    Ruler (6-in)

    Red pen (or any other bright color)

    Scientific calculator – to use in class/at home (CASIO fx-300 PLUS is a good model)

    Graphing calculator – this will be provided by the teacher to use ONLY in the classroom. Each student will be assigned a calculator number and is responsible for that calculator during his/her block. The teacher should be notified as soon as he or she notices damage.

    Textbook – Students will be using a textbook from a class set. Students are not issued a textbook to take home.



    Grades are determined by the following means each nine weeks:


    Major assessments (tests)                                            50% of grade

    Minor assessments (quizzes)                                       40% of grade

    Participation (bellwork/classwork/homework)            10% of grade

    A final grade will be assigned using the Augusta County grading scale.

    A+       98-100             B+       88-89               C+       78-79               D+       68-69   F          50-59

    A         92-97               B         82-87               C         72-77               D         62-67

    A-        90-91               B-        80-81               C-        70-71               D-        60-61



    This will mainly be for students to communicate with Ms. Kim to ask questions on homework. This will NOT remind students to do their homework! That is your responsibility!

    Download the Remind app by going to the following links in your Internet browser:

    rmd.at/kimblock2 or rmd.at/kimblock4

    You can also receive text messages by texting @kimblock2 or @kimblock4 to 81010


    Homework Each student is expected to try all assigned homework problems. Students should show their work and answer for each problem in their homework notebook. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class. Students should not be finishing their homework in place of completing the assigned bellwork. Only homework that is late due to absences will be accepted.

    Quizzes and Tests –
    Quizzes will be given as needed, and tests will be given at the end of a chapter. DO NOT wait until the day of the test or the day before to ask questions. It is not enough time!


    Missed Work – It is the student’s responsibility to get the missing work from the teacher, copy notes from another student, and complete and turn in missed work.

    • The student must show the teacher all completed make-up work to receive credit.
    • If the student returns to school on a test/quiz day but had prior knowledge of the test/quiz, the student will be required to take the test/quiz.
    • If a student is absent for a test or quiz, he/she may be required to come in before or after school or during Gladiator Block AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    • Students will be expected to turn in missed work the next day, but will be given a maximum of three days to turn in the work; after this time the student could be given a zero for the missing work.


    • Every student will receive a progress report mid-way through each nine weeks.
    • The Infinite Campus Gradebook will be updated weekly.
    • ***Students who have a final grade of 89.5% or above AND have only five absences in the class will be EXEMPT from the final exam.***