Art II

    Mrs. Rittenhouse

    Descriptive drawing   Art journal spread


    Art II is a continuation of the foundations built in Art I. We will continue to focus on Art Making, Art History, and Art Criticism throughout the semester, with an added push toward more advanced creative thinking in order to prepare students for higher levels of art. Art Journaling is also introduced as a part of the class.


    Students are expected to have the following:

    1. Sketchbook (9x12" spiral or hardbound - NOT glue bound!)
    2. 3 ring binder
    3. Drawing Pencils - #2 wooden pencils or a set that ranges from 2H to 6B (helpful for shading)
    4. Pink Pearl or white Mead eraser 

    Optional (but highly recommended!)

    • Set of colored pencils - (Prismacolor is a great brand)
    • Black ink pens (rollerball or gel ink, not ballpoint) - Micron pens are great!
    • Watercolor & acrylic (primary colors + black and white) paints for use at home
    • Paintbrushes for use at home


    Each student will be provided with a designated storage area for materials and projects.