Art II

    Mrs. Rittenhouse

    Descriptive drawing   Art journal spread


    Art II is a continuation of the foundations built in Art I. We will continue to focus on Art Making, Art History, and Art Criticism throughout the semester, with an added push toward more advanced creative thinking in order to prepare students for higher levels of art. Art Journaling is also introduced as a part of the class.


    Students enrolled in the course should have access to all course documents, videos, and other information via Canvas. 


    This semester, students will be supplied with an Art Kit of basic materials that we'll be using. Blended Learners (hybrid students), will need to bring these Kits to and from school with them, as there will not be communal supplies available in the classroom as part of our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. All students, Blended or Distance Learners, will be expected to return their Kit at the end of the semester. 


    Each student will also have a paper Portfolio Folder. Blended Learners will need to use these to carry their current project back & forth. Distance Learners may use theirs as  a place to store their projects throughout the semester.