• Civics and Economics

    Syllabus 2019-2020

    1st Nine Weeks

    Citizenship in the American Democracy

            Government of the People, by the People, for the People

            Citizenship- duties, responsibilities, volunteering

    Foundations of our Democratic Government

            Roots of American Democracy

    SOL:  CE.2a-c; CE.3a-e; CE.4a-d

    U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights

            Creation, Ratification, Structure, & Principles Underlying the Constitution

            First Amendment

            Guarantees and Extending the Bill of Rights

            Civil Rights Struggle

    SOL:  CE.2b,c; CE.3b; CE.6a-d

    2nd Nine Weeks:

    National Government

            Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches

            U.S. Presidency

    SOL:  CE.6a-c; CE.5e,f; CE.7a-d

    Legislative Branch

          Congressional Powers

    SOL:  CE.6a-c

    Political Parties, Elections, and Public Opinion

            Development, Organization, and Role of Political Parties

            Voting, Election Campaigns

            Mass Media, Interest Groups

    SOL:  CE.3d; CE.5a-f; CE.7c

    3rd Nine Weeks:

    Judicial Branch

           Legal Rights and our Criminal Justice System

            Sources and Types of Laws

            American Legal System

            Civil Cases

            Criminal Cases

    SOL: CE.8a-d

    State and Local Government

            Community Issues- Educational, Environmental, & Social

            City/County Governments, Towns, Townships

            Federal System, State Branches of Government

    SOL:  CE.6a-d

    4th Nine Weeks:

    American Economic System/ Free Enterprise System

            Supply and Demand

            Business and Labor

            Government and the Economy

            Money and Banking

            Government Finances

    SOL:  CE.1b,c,g; CE.3d; CE.4d; CE.9a,b,c; CE.10a-d; CE.11a-e; CE.12a-d

    Review for SOL!!!!!



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