• Mr. Davis:  Language Arts improvement procedures

    “Class Participation/Daily Quizzes” typically are “daily quizzes” that are on content information which has been introduced. This information comes directly from the SOL and is typically based on content already covered in class. If students are not doing well on these, it usually indicates they need to spend more time reviewing nightly on previously introduced content. The information is available from my website.

    For every test, students are usually given a printed study guide with every test question represented. We go over every answer on the study guide with ample time for the students to write the correct answers, if they choose.

    Students may take a re-test/re-quiz on most tests.  These must be completed within 3 school days after the original test is handed back.  The re-tests contain the same questions as the study guide and the original test…just not in the same order/format.  These may be taken before school in the mornings.

    All homework is posted in the classroom and on my calendar available on the team website.  Tests and quizzes are posted at least 2 days in advance, in most cases.

    Missing work is posted on Infinite Campus and updated regularly.  Any missing work sheets are available in a file box in the classroom.  If additional copies are not available in the box, students may access the information from my google classroom. I will gladly email a copy of a student’s updated progress report to a parent whenever one is requested by email.  Please send email request to stdavis@augusta.k12.va.us

Last Modified on August 25, 2017