• Learning Themes

    In preschool we teach basic skills thorughout the year using themed units that will keep the children excited about learning. We like to change our themes approximately every three-four weeks. You will find what theme we are learing about in your weekly newsletter. 

    Theme One: Welcome to School

     Image result for franklin's first day of school Image result for eyes nose fingers and toes Image result for all by myself Image result for the little school bus

    Theme Two: Living Together

     Image result for big wolf little wolf Image result for sheila rae and the peppermint stick Image result for owen kevin henkes 

    Theme Three: People, Places, and Pets

     Image result for dog's colorful day Image result for john willy and freddy mcgee Image result for diddy and daddy on the promenade 

    Theme Four: Changes Around Us

     Image result for fox kate banks Image result for castles caves and honeycombs Image result for what makes the seasons Image result for when it starts to snow 

    Theme Five: Markets and Food

      Image result for lunch the book Image result for to market to market Image result for bunny money 

    Theme Six: Daily Life in Many Lands

     Image result for granny went to market Image result for this is the way we go to school Image result for how much ted lewin 

    Theme Seven: Folk Stories on the Farm

     Image result for manana iguana Image result for little red hen Image result for this little chick Image result for 3 little pigs james marshall 

    Theme Eight: Measure Up!

     Image result for dig book Image result for measuring penny Image result for road builders Image result for tools book for kids 

    Theme Nine: Seeds, Plants, and Gardens

     Image result for flower garden book Image result for what's this seed book Image result for this is the sunflower 

    Theme Ten: Exploring Pond Life

    Image result for come along daisy Image result for turtle splash Image result for hop jump