• Blue Ridge Community College Career Pathways Academy

    The Career Pathways Academy is an opportunity for high school seniors to begin getting a head start on a Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) degree or career studies certificate. This is for students exploring career and technical fields of study. Examples include but are not limited to: Mechatronics, Nursing, Automotive, Human Services, Computer and Electronics.

    Students wishing to pursue the transfer degrees are not eligible for this program.

    This program allows high school seniors to take two BRCC courses in the fall and two BRCC courses in the spring of their senior year. (These courses would be in addition to any remaining courses needed for high school graduation.) Tuition is generously paid through BRCC scholarship funding. The only cost for students would be the textbooks and school supplies. Interested students should speak to their school counselor.

    Though this program is for seniors, interested students need to apply during their junior year.

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    Application (2020-2021) 
    Applications need to be submitted by the early February deadline.