Algebra I Part 2 - P

    Spring 2020 Syllabus

    Mr Rolfe
          Miss Gibbs

    Room: A9


    FDHS 540-245-5050


    Course Description:

    This class is designed for students who struggle in math and do not intend to get a advanced diploma.  All essential Algebra concepts needed to pass the Algebra 1 SOL will be covered.  The use of a graphing calculator will be extensive in this class. (This class is ideal for students who would like to attend Valley Vocational Technical School, and only need basic math required for graduating high school.)


    Course Objective:

                Algebra 1 is the study of the basic concepts and fundamentals of algebra.  Each student will learn how to evaluate equations, perform many types of calculations, and learn applications of math in everyday life.  Students will learn to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers.


    Course Materials:

     **Please do not buy a graphing calculator, these are expensive and will be provided  for your student as needed.**

    **Calculators – Each student will be assigned a school graphing calculator for the semester.  These calculators are for classroom use only, and must be returned to their designated spot after each class.  Every student will sign a financial liability agreement to cover the cost of the calculator in case of damage or loss.  The cost of the calculator is $65.00.  It is very important that a student notify the teacher at the beginning of the block if his/her calculator is missing or damaged.


          Grading is consistent with Augusta County Schools’ standards. The standard grading scale using the plus (+) and minus (-) will be used. Six-week grades will be calculated using the following:


    ●       Participation/Homework/Classwork  (10%)

    ●       Quizzes (40%)

    ●       Tests (50%)

    Participation– Participation may include homework, bell work, review games, and class activities/worksheets.


    Homework – Each student is expected to try all assigned homework problems.  Students should show their work and answer for each problem.  Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class.  Students should not be finishing their homework in place of completing the assigned bell work.

     *Only homework that is late due to absences will be accepted.

    **If a student is struggling with the assignments, they should see Mr Rolfe for help!!!**


    Quizzes and Tests – Quizzes will be given as needed, and tests will be given at the end of a chapter or unit. If a topic is causing a student trouble, the student should see the teacher for help before the day of the quiz or test.


    Missed Work:  It is the student’s responsibility to find and complete missed work.

    ●       The student must show the teacher all completed make-up work to receive credit.

    ●       If the student returns to school on a test/quiz day, and he/she had prior knowledge of the test/quiz, and       we have not gone over new material; the student will be required to take the test/quiz.

    ●         If a student is absent for a test or quiz, he/she may be required to come in before or after school; this will be determined on an individual basis.

    ●       Students will be expected to turn in missed work the next day, but will be given a maximum of three   days to turn in the work; after this time the student could be given a zero for the missing work.

    ●         If there are any questions about any missed work, quiz, or test, the student should ask Mr Rolfe.


    ** Please refer to student handbook for policies and procedures regarding electronics, dress code, etcAlgebra I Part 2 - P

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