• How do I get a “Workplace Readiness / Classroom Awareness” Ticket?

    *This is part of the participation grade required by Augusta County Schools.



    If you can say all of the following statements about yourself, then you are
     guaranteed, free of charge,  a “Workplace Readiness / Classroom Awareness Grade” Ticket
    worth 30points at the end of each 9 weeks!!!! Woo Woo!!!




    I am always attentive when Mr. Payne or Mrs. Foley-Z. (or my boss) is trying to explain something.

    I always listen to classmates’ (co-workers’) answers/comments/ideas, and give mine in turn.

    I don’t leave class (or my job) very much.  (unless it’s an emergency)

    IF we go to a seating arrangement, I stay in my correct seat (or assigned area at work if that is important to the job)

    Mr. Payne or Mrs. Foley-Z.( or my boss) always know where I am

    I am never on my cell phone (especially during

             direct instruction), unless we are using them in class

            (or they are needed for the job that I am eventually

            doing, but not in staff meetings where my boss needs

            my undivided attention, etc. My cell phone nevers

            keeps me from my work.)

    I never pack up or line up early in class (or leave my job early without permission).

    I give a good effort the whole block...tone to tone (or on the job for the hours that I am required to work).

    I never roam around the room, bothering other people, (or I do not keep others from their work on my job).

    I always treat others like I would want to be treated. I am always courteous to Mr. Payne and Mrs. Foley-Z. AND all my peers, (and I treat my boss and co-workers with respect and help them out anytime that I can).

    I always have my “stuff,” and I am attentive from start to finish, and I donate answers at appropriate times.  (When I go to work I have everything that I need and I follow my boss’ instructions carefully)







    This is so easy!!!!

    Make sure you do all of the statements above and

    you will get a whopp’in 30 points on your ticket!!!!!

    *The 30 points go into the 9-weeks total points at the end of each 9 weeks!!