• Exam Accommodations

    The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination in exams administered by any private, state, or local government entity pursuant to applications, licensing, certification, or credentialing for secondary or postsecondary education, professional, or trade purposes.

    Use this resource to find out what certification exam disability accommodations are available for your program and how you can be approved to receive those. Any programs not listed in the menu to the left administer a NOCTI certification exam. See those accomodations here.  

    Not sure if you need accomodations? Usually, your disability must be diagnosed by a doctor and documented according to certain standards. Different types and degrees of documentation are needed according to disability and accommodations being requested, but examples include psychoeducational evaluations or a doctor’s report.

    *Important*: You need to specifically request an accommodation even if you are already approved by your school for in-school accommodations. Even if you have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan that includes an accommodation, you are not guaranteed accommodations on standardized tests.