• Graphic Design

    Mrs. Rittenhouse

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    Graphic Design is open to Juniors and Seniors who have already successfully completed Art I & Art II. The course is meant to serve as an introduction to Graphic Design, a widely varied and exciting art-related career field with high earning potential. Students who should consider this class are those who are curious about learning more about Graphic Design, maybe to pursue it as a future college major and/or career option, and who are willing to work hard!

    Students will explore the different facets of Graphic Design, including the Principles of Design, digital image making, typography, layout, and more. Projects range from logo design to poster design, and students will also learn to use various design software. In addition, students will explore the history and development of Graphic Design, and learn about key designers from throughout history.

    Students are expected to have the following supplies:

    • Sketchbook/Art Journal (9x12” or larger)  - spiral or hardbound, NOT glue bound!
    • Small 3-Ring Binder 
    • Drawing Pencils 
    • Pink Pearl or white Mead eraser 
    • Black ink pens (finer point rollerball or gel ink - not ballpoint)
    • Black Sharpie markers - fine point, ultra fine point, & chisel tip

      Optional (but highly recommended!)

      • Flash drive or portable hard drive - 16GB or larger
      • Set of colored pencils


    Students will be provided with computers, software, and drawing tablets for digital work. This course will have a strong digital component, so please make sure that you are willing to be patient with learning new software!


    GRAPHIC DESIGN WILL BE OFFERED EVERY OTHER YEAR. As it was offered most recently during the Fall 2018 semester, the next time it will be offered is during the 2020-2021 school year.