What can I do?

  • Opciones de Crédito Extra


    • Bebidas:
      • Already bottled or that we make in class as an activity
    • Pre-packaged food items de una de las tiendas mexicana
    • Pan de una tienda latinoamericana
    • Poemas
    • Presentaciones de la cultura del mundo latino
    • Textiando/Social Media en español
    • Los Restaurantes
    • Conversaciones con hispanohablantes
    • Pueden leer cuentos a la clase
    • Pueden quedarse conmigo durante las horas de oficina para practicar


    Las Reglas

    • Extra credit will be added to existing assignments and will not exceed 10 points.  Please select at least TRES options for where you would like your crédito extra.  I will make the final decision in reference to which assignments can/cannot include the extra credit points.   


    • You all will be permitted to bring/read items ONE TIME each 4 ½ weeks.  


    • With each progress report and report card, students will receive one hall pass with 8 spaces.  Those will count as extra credit on the final exam, as will their homework passes that they will receive throughout the semester.  Once they use all of the spaces on the hall pass for that time period, they will not be issued another until the next. They will still have the opportunity to leave class when necessary.
Last Modified on August 23, 2019