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    How Can Your BCBAs Help?


    We offer trainings for the whole division, individual schools, and even individual teachers, based on identified needs. These trainings range from conceptual topics such as social skills development to practical topics such as classroom management strategies. 


    The BCBA team can provide various forms of formal and informal assessment including Functional Behavior Asessment and VB-MAPP assessment. Please note that some assessment requires prior authorization from student guardians. Please contact your facilitator or BCBA to discuss any assessment needs and any requirements that they might have.

    Consultation and Collaboration

    We are available for consultation and collaboration to school administration, general and special education teachers, and auxilary service providers. Common BCBA consultation topics include but are not limited to classroom management, RtI for behavior, behavior interventon plan creation, data collection, PBIS, and IEP goal creation. We can also consult through observation of both whole classrooms and individual students to develop interventions and plans for skill development. Please note that formal observations of individual students without IEPs requires prior approval from the student's guardian. Please contact your BCBA or facilitator to discuss formal observations of individual students. 

    Material Creation

    One of our very favorite things is to create materials that support behavior change in the classroom. The materials we can create are useful for individual students and whole classrooms. These materials include things like visual schedules, token systems, first-then boards, whole class behavior charts, and social stories.


    The BCBA team also provides supervision for Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT),  Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA), and BCaBA and BCBA candidates performing independent fieldwork.

    Competent Learner Model

    As a service to our exceptional learner students and their classroom staff, we provide coaching in the Competent Learner Model (CLM). CLM is a supplemental curriculum that trains and promotes learner skills that support both academic and daily living skill development.