• E.S.L 2
    Language Usage:
    1.  Review: tenses - simple present, simple past, future (going to)
                      indirect object pronouns (me, you, him, her, us, them)
    2.  Using future tense - positive and negative (will/won't)
                                     - probability (might)
    3.  Making comparisons - (faster, more beautiful)
    4.  Giving / asking advice - (should)
    5.  Making comparisons using superlatives - (fastest, most beautiful)
    6.  Expressing agreement/disagreement
    7.  Using adverbs and comparatives of adverbs
    8.  Using if-clauses with future tense verbs  (If I work hard, I will pass the
    9.  Using past continuous tense (She was working.)
    10.  Using reflexive pronouns (She cut herself while she was fixing dinner.)
    11.  Expressing past and future ability using "could" and "able to"  (I wasn't able to ...I couldn't)
    12.  Asking and answering questions in future continuous tense (I will be working tonight)
    (Side by Side - Book 2 by Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss)
    Reading Comprehension/Writing:
    Wolf by Jack London
    Crucita by Manuela Williams Crosno
    The Last Leaf by O. Henry
    The Hero by Stephen Crane
    Land by Leo Tolstoy
                    from English Yes! Beginning from Jamestown Publishing