• E.S.L. 3
    1.  Review - Verb Tenses - simple present and present continuous, simple past (regular and irregular), past continuous, future, and future continuous
                     - Subject Pronouns
                     - Object Pronouns
                     - Possessive Adjectives
    2.  Using Present Perfect Tense - describing actions that have and haven't occurred
    3.  Contrasting Present Perfect Tense with Present Tense and Past Tense
    4.  Using For/Since -  (I have lived in America for two years vs. I have lived in America since 2003)
    5.  Present Perfect Continuous Tense - discussing duration of activity
    6.  Gerunds and Infinitives  (I like to watch television  vs. I like watching television.)
    7.  Past Perfect Tense - discussing things people had done
    8.  Two -Word Verbs  -inseparable (look for) vs. separable (bring back)
    9.  Connectors -  And ...Too   And... Either;   So, But, Neither
    (Side by Side - Book 3 by Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss)