• E.S.L. 4
    1.  Passive Voice   (The play was written by Shakespeare vs. Shakespeare wrote the play.)
    2.  Embedded Questions (Do you know where the bank is?  Can you tell me if Mary works here?)
    3.  Perfect Modals:
                 Should Have
                 Could Have
                 Must Have
                 Might Have
                 May Have
    4.  Conditional:
              Present Real (If it rains tomorrow, I will bring an umbrella.)
              Present Unreal (If I had a million dollars, I would buy a new car.)
    5.  Present Unreal Conditional:
    6.  Past Unreal Conditional: (If __________would have )
    7.  Reported Speech (Sequence of Tenses)
    8.  Tag Questions
          Emphatic Sentences
            from Side by Side Bk 4 by Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss
    After successfully completing ESL 1-4 curriculum, our class focuses on SOL preparation.