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    This site contains a wide variety of activities for English language learners of every level.  Activities include listen and repeat podcasts, grammar quizzes, vocabulary games, songs, and jokes. (Score 16)

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    This site contains hundreds of interactive quizzes.  One particularly good feature is that on the site the user can get exactly the kind of practice s/he needs at the correct difficulty level by typing in the topic and the level desired.  This site is a great resource! (Score 16)


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    This site is full of activities and great information for students and teachers.   Students at any level of English can find quizzes, vocabulary drills, dialogues with audio and comprehension quizzes, pronunciation and listening activities, and tips (with examples and audios) to improve grammar, reading skills, pronunciation, and conversation skills.  Although the site can be confusing it has so many possible links, it has a wealth of information for the ELL student and teacher. (Score 15)

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    This site was created by an ELL teacher for other teachers and ELL students.  It has interactive quizzes and lessons for students and lesson plans and reproducible materials for teachers.  It also has discussion forums, chat rooms and job boards.  (Score 15)

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    This site enumerates, describes, and ranks 40 websites with free materials or information available from job opportunities for teachers to free printable flashcards, games, songs, etc. (Score 15)


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    This site has many links to interactive audio quizzes and activities, animated grammar presentations, and illustrations of verb tenses with interactive audio.  (Score 15)

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    This site has handouts and tips for teachers on everything from teaching literacy to improving pronunciation and listening.  For students, it has activities and exercises on pronouncing similar words such as hot and hat which are complete with audio and visual examples.  Although the explanations could be a little complicated and wordy for ESL students, they could be helpful for teachers or advanced learners still struggling with pronunciation. (Score 15)

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    This site has hundreds of general or basic listening quizzes as well as listening quizzes for academic purposes, vocabulary lessons, or conversations with videos.  Although the focus is mainly on listening skills, it does allow students to focus on specific listening skills.  (Score 15)

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    This site literally contains 1406 English tests on grammar, synonyms, common errors, idiomatic expressions, etc.  It also contains links for other tests, articles, stories, worksheets and stories.  (Score 15)