• World Geography


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    Welcome to a new adventure!  As we journey through this new educational experience, I look forward to working with you and helping to make it as smooth as possible.  Please realize that this is new for all of us and there will be a learning curve.  Let’s learn together and have a great year!                                                                                                                               Mrs. Morris :-)


    Course Description/ Outline: “The focus of this course is the study of the world’s peoples, places, and environments, with an emphasis on world regions. The knowledge, skills, and perspectives of the course are centered on the world’s peoples and their cultural characteristics, landforms and climates, economic development, and migration and settlement patterns. Spatial concepts of geography will be used as a framework for studying interactions between humans and their environments.” 

    (History and Social Science Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools – March 2015)

    Topics of Study in World Geography:

    • WG. 1 Introduction to Geography (Basic map skills)
    • WG. 2 Physical Geography
    • WG. 3, 15 and 18 Cultural Geography
    • WG. 4, 14, 16 and 17 Economic Geography
    • WG. 5 United States and Canada
    • WG. 6 Latin America and the Caribbean
    • WG. 7 Europe
    • WG. 8 Russia and Central Asia
    • WG. 9 Sub – Saharan Africa
    • WG. 10 North Africa and Southwest Asia (Middle East)
    • WG. 11, 12 South, Southeast, and East Asia
    • WG. 13 Australia, Pacific Islands, and Antarctica

    Assignment information:  We will be using Canvas as our main format to present information, assign and complete work.  Please check canvas daily to see what needs to be completed. To access Canvas, go to this link: https://augusta.instructure.com/

    Class Materials: You will need these materials for both school and home use so they need to travel.

    • At least a 1 ½ inch, 3-ring binder
    • Notebook Paper
    • Pencils or Pens
    • Optional: Color Pencils/Markers

    Grading: You will be graded based on the following (Per Augusta County Policy):

    • Major Assessments (tests, quizzes, large projects/presentations) 50%
    • Minor Assessments (classwork, small projects/presentations) 40%
    • Practice/Participation (warm-ups, homework, practice activities) 10%

    *There is an end of course SOL exam for this class.

    Late/ Makeup Work:  In ALL cases, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate makeup work. Absent students will be expected to check in with the teacher/Canvas and make up work virtually in most cases.  For hybrid students, if it is something that needs to be completed at school, the student will need to work out a time to make it up.  In cases of extended excused absences, the student and the teacher will work out a schedule for makeup work. 

    Obviously, with the virtual nature of this year, it is understood that there may be situations when work cannot be submitted on time.  My policy will be flexible as long as students communicate about any technology or other issues as soon as they arise, extensions will be granted on a case by case basis as needed.  Unexcused late assignments will receive a 10% deduction each day.   After 5 days, any unexcused late assignments can only receive a maximum grade of 50%.  

    Virtual Learners:  Virtual learners are expected to check their email and check in through Canvas daily and complete all modules and work posted.  It is highly encouraged that a schedule is made and followed to ensure that work is consistently completed.

    Academic Integrity:  Unless specifically assigned a partner or group, all assignments and assessments will be completed by the student as an individual. Cheating, copying, or plagiarism on any assignment will result in a 0 for that assignment. Please read the student handbook if you have any questions about what constitutes cheating or plagiarism. 

    Tutoring:  If a student requires extra help on an assignment, makeup work, aid in studying for quizzes and tests, they may make an appointment to stay after with the teacher before or after school Monday – Thursday. Never be afraid to ask for help! Virtual learners are welcome to schedule appointments on Monday’s if they need to meet with me in person.