• Welcome to Latina IV!


    Salvēte, discipulī et discipulae!

    Congratulations on reaching Latin IV! I am so excited that you have decided to leave behind the world of "textbook" Latin for an adventure into the world of true Latin texts. (FYI the Latin will not appear as above...!) In the first half of the semester we will wrap up grammar concepts with the textbook and then we will delve into the world of real Latin!

    I am very excited to continue this journey as your Latin instructor! Here you will find an attachment of the course syllabus which includes the course description and details, a tentative schedule, as well as the classroom rules, expectations, and procedures. If you have any questions please contact me! For more specific information about day to day classwork and assignments visit our Canvas page.

    This semester I will be using Remind to notify students and parents of homework and other assignments. To create an account on Remind view the syllabus!