(mostly.....) Everything You Need To Know About Second Grade

  •  Students will have a red communication folder that will come home with 2 sections; “Keep At Home” and “Return To School”.  Please check this folder every day! The newsletter for that week should remain in the front pocket of the folder for that week.  Any money, notes, or changes in schedules should be sent in their red communication folders.

    I am requiring reading and math homework to be completed each night (Monday - Thursday).  This homework will be the same each night. If something changes with homework, I will let you know. This homework is intended to be practice of skills necessary to be successful in class.
    Reading - read 15 minutes each night

    Please write the title of the book(s) your child reads on the homework sheet for each day. If he/she is reading a chapter book,write the title on the day it is started then list the chapters each night.
    Math - A baggie containing a deck of playing cards and a packet of math games to play using the cards will be sent home with each student.  

    The students need to “play” at least one game each night.  He/She will need another person to play with him/her, so a family member or friend needs to take a little time to play a math game each night.  These games are not intended to be lengthy but they will help the students practice math skills they have been learning in class.  After the student has played the game, please complete the homework sheet with the name of the game you played.  If you play an extra game, you can write both games on the sheet.  Please initial the sheet for each night you did homework.  

    Homework is NOT graded; however, the students will receive credit for completing homework each week.  Online math games may also be “played” as a way for the students to practice their math skills.


    90 – 100:  A  Mastered and/or achieved beyond the standard of the subject

    80 – 89:    B Mastered the standards of the subject

    70 – 79 :   C Met the minimum standards of the subject

    60 - 69:     D Made progress, partially met the minimum standards

    Below 60: F Did not meet the minimum standards



    Students will have the opportunity to have a snack brought from home each day.  Teachers do NOT provide snacks. Ice cream will be sold on Fridays only and will be .50¢.  Students will be responsible for bringing money for ice cream on Fridays as teachers do NOT collect money in advance.

    If you want to send in a special snack for your child’s birthday, please let the teacher know in advance.  Please keep it simple and provide all items needed. Birthday snacks will take place at 2:40.

    School Lunch Prices


    Full price - $2.45

    Reduced price - $.40

    (Breakfast – FREE everyday)


    Full price - $3.45

    (Breakfast - $2.10)

    Please pay lunches in advance to avoid charges or  you can send money in a baggie or envelope with your child’s name and lunch number on it.


    ✐  Discipline

    Behavior Targets for Second Grade

    I can make good choices.

    I can be respectful.

    I can put forth my best effort to learn.

    I can be a good friend to others.

    I can follow directions.

    Our goal is "to promote the success for all students by creating a positive and safe school environment that encourages cooperation, respect, and responsibility".