• identification

    Identification Process Steps: 

    1. The student, parent, or school personnel submits a referral to the school-level gifted coordinator.


    *Note* Students transferring from a Virginia public school district with documentation matching on of ACPS’s areas of identification will be automatically entered into the program. Transferring students who do not have a matching identification must proceed through the identification and placement process.


    1. Parent/Guardian permission is collected along with student data and other input (teacher and parent.)


    1. The Gifted Coordinator schedules the appropriate assessments. Students may need to submit portfolios or auditions.


    1. Students referred for academic talent will be tested in the Spring using the OLSAT8. Scores on these assessments will determine eligibility. Students referred for visual and/or performing arts will submit portfolios and/or auditions which will be adjudicated by a team of qualified professionals. Scores received from the adjudication teams will determine eligibility. In addition to scores from cognitive assessments and adjudications, input forms and other supporting evidence is also considered.


    1. The parent/guardian is notified of results.


    1. With parent/guardian permission, students will be identified as gifted and begin receiving services.