• assessment


    The purpose of an ability assessment is to measure a child’s ability or potential for general thinking and problem-solving. The results of the cognitive assessment may indicate how well a student can solve verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal problems.

    Verbal - use of words and language

    Quantitative —use of symbols and math

    Nonverbal —use of pictures, shapes and puzzles


    An ability test is not an achievement test. It does not measure the skills that are directly taught and practiced in school. Therefore, it is not measuring what a student has learned, but rather the potential abilities a child has for learning.


    In ACPS, the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test - 8th Edition (OLSAT8) is administered as part of the evaluation and eligibility process for General Intellectual Aptitude.  


    Yearly Identification & Testing Schedule (Dates vary slightly from year to year.)

    September 9th - 27th: Fall Testing General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA) for Transfer Students

    August 30th - September 30th: Music

    January 28th - February 28th: Theatre

    October 1st  - February 14th: Art

    March 2nd - 20th Spring Testing for new referrals General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA)