• Señora Azpeitia



    Español III - Primavera 2020

    Riverheads High School






    • Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, your teacher and the classroom. 


    • Be academic - Speak, act, and dress in a way that is appropriate for school


    • Be prepared for class. Come to class with your binder, Chromebooks (fully charged), pencils, earbuds for computer listening activities, etc.


    • Be open - We are all here to learn. Consider new ideas. Listen and try to understand before judging prematurely. Because this is an upper level class, students are expected to speak mostly Spanish.  There will be cases in which speaking English will help with comprehension. Also, this is the class where all of the previous Spanish knowledge is reviewed and combined with new information.  We will be writing papers, watching movies and having in depth discussions, all in Spanish.


    • Be busy - Work from bell to bell. Participate in class. Accept the challenge of learning.


    • Be cooperative - Be willing to work with others. You never know what you have to teach and learn from your peers. 


    • No eating, chewing gum or candy. Clear water is allowed.




    ¡Qué chévere! Level 3

    Your textbook, ¡Qué Chévere!, will be available in the classroom, textbooks will not be sent home.  However, you will have an account on EMC Passport and will have full access to your textbook there.  Passport is also where we will complete a number of assignments, both in and out of the classroom. It is your responsibility to check in on Passport.  You can access the website on any device.




    Each assignment will have its own point value. For example, a homework assignment may be worth 10 points and a quiz maybe worth 40. Grades will be distributed as follows:

    • 50% Major Assessments (Summative) 
      • Tests & Projects
    • 40% Minor Assessments (Formative)
      • Quizzes & Major Conversations
    • 10% Practice/Participation
      • Worksheets & Minor Conversations



    Binders should be divided into 4 sections in Spanish: Notes, Class-work, Bingo Boards and Culture. I will, without notice, come and check notebooks as a quiz grade. Students can feel free to come to me before or after school to get an update on their grade or ask any questions. Each student is responsible for keeping track of his/her work. It is therefore important for everyone to keep assignments in their notebooks.  




      Late homework will not be accepted. All assignments should be turned in on the due date.  If there are any factors that may contribute to work being turned in late, such as a death in the family, an illness or other circumstances, students should come in and speak with me individually. 



    I will announce homework assignments each day at the end of each class period. Students can also expect to see homework assignments written on the whiteboard. 




    We will do a number of in class activities.  These may include, but are not limited to: group conversations, worksheets, audio exercises, games and more.  Each activity will be assigned its own point value. 



    In order to learn a new language, we have to use it!  Be prepared for TONS of conversations, presentations and other activities that may be performed in front of the class and/or recorded.




    Quizzes will be frequent - this allows the student, and I, to have a good idea of how well everyone comprehends the material. 




    Being actively engaged is important in order to learn a new language, so I take class participation very seriously.  If you are absent, you will need to work hard on the days that you are present in order to make up for speaking/practice opportunities that were missed.  Participation includes, but is not limited to the following:

    Speaking Spanish ( I expect that you'll use what you are learning), being prepared, actively engaging in activities, working well in groups or with partners, following directions. 




    There will be a test with each unit of study, as well as a project.  The projects are very interactive and will have clear directions. Be sure to follow them!  We will also often work in groups. We will always do a variety of in-class reviewing.




    Just about each week, students will be given an online assignment that will be due the following week. Each one will be worth a certain amount of points, depending on the particular assignment.  If access to a computer/internet at home is an issue, please let me know right away.  



    Whenever you are not present for class, it is your responsibility to go to the make-up work binder.  This can be before school, after school, or during a free period.  Everyone has a total of three days from the day they return, to get all of the work in.  After that time period, it will no longer be accepted and will count as zeros.

    Dear Parents,

    I am looking forward to working with your student during this semester.  I recognize that beginning the study of another language brings with it a unique set of challenges and stressors.  Please continue to encourage your child’s efforts and stay positive as they forge a new path in their educational pursuits.

    Your student will be assigned a textbook (¡Qué Chevere!) for use in class and will not be bringing it home.  The textbook is fully accessible online through a site called EMC Passport.  There will be occasional online assignments and practices. If there is an issue with internet access, I will work with you and your student to ensure that the online work can be completed.

    Foreign Language study at the high school is part of the Advanced Studies Diploma curriculum; this is reflected in my classroom requirements and expectations. I want all my students to have the tools to be proficient communicators in the target language and to begin their preparation for the rigors of college.  I also ask you to remember that students look to their parents to determine the attitude that they will have toward the subject matter of their courses. In today’s world, learning to speak a second language, especially Spanish, is a very practical and marketable skill. Please encourage your student to stay motivated and to ask for help if needed.

    If you have any particular questions or concerns, please contact me.  I can be reached via email at azpeitia.be@augusta.k12.va.us.  You may also leave a message for me on the main school line, 540.337.1921, and I will return your call as soon as possible. 


    Please sign below indicating the information has been reviewed at home and include your best contact information for easy reference.

    Your student should retain the main pages of the syllabus for reference. 



    ~ Sra. Azpeitia