• Strategies Syllabus

    Mrs. Heberling 540-245-5050 Room 20 lheberling@augusta.k12.va.us


    Course Description:

    The primary objective of this class is to help meet the specific learning needs of each student.  It is expected that each student will become familiar with their own IEP, and will continue to build advocacy skills.  This time will be used to complete and refine homework, provide extra time to finish tests and to review skills that will be assessed on the end of course Standards of Learning test. 


    Students will be expected to participate in silent sustained reading of a book of their choice, or other selected reading passages.   Activities will be completed to help build writing skills applicable to grades 9 through 12.  Frequently topics of discussion will involve current events, social skills, and oral language skills will be practiced in daily topics of discussion. General mathematics as well as specific math topics will be discussed and reinforced.

    Mrs. Heberling’s RULES are simple, LEARN:



    isten to instruction


    nter & exit prepared


    lways try your best


    espect yourself & others





    Grading is consistent with Augusta County Schools’ standards. The standard grading scale using the plus (+) and minus (-) will be used. Weekly Writing, Reading, and Math will be weighted under the category of Minor Grades (40%) and Weekly Social Skills and IEP/Transition Work will be weighted under the category of Majoy Grades (50%) and Weekly Participation will be weighed under the category of Participation (10%).

    • Weekly Writing: Students will have daily writing practice. Various styles of writing and editing strategies will be covered. [minor assignment]
    • Weekly Reading: Students will have daily reading time. They are to utilize computer based program that produce a comprehension score for accountability. They may choose to read their own book, however they may only utilize that option twice a week. [minor assignment]
    • Weekly Math: Students will be giving instruction on their various IEP goals related to math, as well as specific math topics related to basic living skills. Students will utilize IXL.com, Mountain Math, and other remediation tools. [minor assignment]
    • Weekly Social Skills: Students will work on IEP prescribed social skills as well as soft skills necessary in order to become a successful citizen. [major assignment]
    • Weekly IEP/Transition Work: Weekly students will complete some form of transition assessment or work specific to their IEP goals. Various program such as MECA, and I’m Determined will be utilized. [major assignment]
    • Weekly Participation: Students are asked to complete an Exit Pass daily. Within the exit pass they are asked to rank their effort, this score along with the teacher’s score will be their weekly pariticpation grade. [Participation]


    Behavior Expectations:

    Strategies is a class designated for individuals who receive special education services. The teacher will be working with students both independently and in small groups.  It is highly individualized and requires a large amount of independent work. It is REQUIRED that students be able to work independently, self-monitor work completion and guide themself through assginments. Students who can consistently maintain appropraite classroom behaviors, can earn reinforcers. Students who do not maintain appropriate classroom behaviors will have ramifications.

    Students are permitted to have their phones with them in class. They may earn time to use their phone as a reinforcer. Phone will not inhibit class discussion or work completion.



    The best means for a student or a parent to contact Mrs. Heberling is through email. lheberling@augusta.k12.va.us  If you wish to speak to Mrs. Heberling on the phone, feel free to call her during her NTA block. (540) 414-5300.

Last Modified on January 16, 2019