• Transition Portfolio

    The Transition Portfolio documents the development of transition activities for middle and secondary students. By utilizing the transition activities in this portfolio, the door of communication between educators and students regarding transition services opens. Educators are able to explain the importance of early transition planning and how these services enable students to be successful adults.

    With each activity, teachers provide students an opportunity to identify their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc. In turn, this fosters within students a sense of independence and confidence concerning who they are now and helps them develop a plan to become successful adults.

    In addition, this portfolio provides parents a hands-on example of the transition activities their children have participated in each school year. This is a valuable tool for opening the lines of communication between school and home as well as a method to get meaningful input from parents regarding transition goals for their child.

    Finally, documentation is being created for students from age 13 (or younger if deemed appropriate) through age 21 to include all of the transition activities the student participated in during middle and secondary school.