• HVAC/R: 2020-2021 Syllabus

    Course Title: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

    Course Number:  8503 and 8504

    Instructor Name:  Robbie Martin

    Phone #: 540-943-5511 Ext. 203

    Email:  martinr@valleytech.us

     Course Description:  VCTC’s HVAC/R high school program is designed to prepare the student for a successful career in the HVAC/R field.  Not only will the student be given the knowledge of HVAC/R, but also they will be given tools on how to be a great employee.  After completing the program, the student should feel comfortable and confident in not only the HVAC field, but also in making life choices.

    Scope of Course:  Over a 2-year program, we will cover a wide variety of industry skills.

    1. Safety of tools and environment (OSHA)
    2. Electricity and controls (how to safely install and troubleshoot)
    3. Duct building and design
    4. Variety of pipe fitting and plumbing
    5. Understanding HVAC/R
    6. Business ethics and Finance

    Student Outcome:  By applying all that he\she has been taught, the student will be confident to step in to the workforce or continue their education in various different ways.  Each student has the ability to leave this program knowing that they have been given the tools for success.