• Mr. Ben Martindell
     Physics and Astronomy
    For the Fall Semester: 
    1: Physics
    2: Planning!
    3: Physics
    4: Astronomy
    For the Spring Semester:
    1: Physics
    2: Astronomy
    3: Planning!
    4: Astronomy
    Mr. Ben Martindell

    Course Description:

    • The goal of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the concepts of modern astronomy, the origin and history of the Universe, and the formation of the Earth and the solar system.  The course gives a description of astronomical phenomena using the laws of physics. The course has many standard topics including the history of astronomy, planetary orbits, the moon, stars, the Milky Way and other galaxies, black holes, and the origin of the universe. There will be descriptive and comparative studies as well as investigations.
    • Earth Science I
    • Algebra I


    50% Major Assignments (Tests, Quizzes, etc)
    40% Minor Assignments (Classwork, Homework, etc)
    10% Participation (Participation, Lesser-things, etc)
    • There will be homework (or class work) most days of the week, and labs. A quiz will be given at during most weeks. There will be at least one test every 6 weeks, and an occasional project throughout the semester may be assigned.
    • Current Events: Astronomy is a field filled with lots of exciting new things happening all the time! We cannot possibly cover every aspect of astronomy here in the classroom, so during every 6 week period, you will be assigned to do a current event. You must seek out an article on something new (or "current") in astronomy and create a reflective response on it. A full rubric will be handed out which goes into further depth. For the Fall semester, they will be due on September 18th, October 29th, and December 9th. You can always turn in any current events early.
    General Class and Lab Procedures:
    • Treat yourself, others, and property with respect by your actions and language.
    • Be on time and in your seat, with required materials, ready to learn by the tardy bell.
    • Listen carefully when the teacher is talking; do NOT talk while the teacher is talking.
    • Stay in your seat while instruction is being given.
    • Ask lots of questions! This is an interesting field, and I do so enjoy answering questions. But remember there are others in the classroom, so keep it snappy!
    • You can express your dislike of the course, but keep a positive attitude! It helps in all situations :]


    Late Work Policy and Make Up Work Policy:
    • I accept late work, but I take off 10 points for each class day it's late; I will not accept it past a week.
    • If you miss a class, a neighbor will be assigned to keep track of what you miss. If you know you're going to miss a class, the makeup work is still YOUR responsibilty. You must talk to me about it as soon as you can. The work you have already been assigned will be due the day before you plan to miss. If you do not talk to me about it, you will just be penalized.


    • Scientific Calculator at least (or any that can do Trig functions) recommended: Graphing Calculator.
    • Three ring binder to store notes and papers received.
    • Something to journal in (that can be turned in).
    • Notebook or paper to take notes on, to use as scratch, and work on practices.
    • Pencils + Erasers


    Extra Help:
    • If you need any extra help, come talk to me! I'm quite open to arranging a time to help with any questions, comments, or concerns. Just make sure to give me a heads up that you'd like to meet with me.
    • I can be available in the mornings by appointment, but it’s not guaranteed. Definitely prearrange that with me, either in person, or by email!
    • On my page in the Fort Defiance school website, you will be able to find a few things that may or may not be helpful.
    Cell Phone Policy:
    • There are to be NO CELLPHONES used in class whatsoever, unless I specifically allow you to. The most common allowances are when they are used as an additional timer in labs, but otherwise they are to not even be seen.
    • If I do see a cell phone, I will take it, there are no exceptions.
    • Anyone that wishes to use the bathroom must first give me their cell phone, and then sign out on the sign-out sheet by the door. You may receive your cell phone back afterwards. If you do not have a cell phone to give me, then you do NOT get to use the bathroom during class. Feel free to use the bathroom before or after class.