• Mrs. Morris’s Classroom Procedures and Expectations Plan


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Please wait at the designated area until I have completed cleaning your desk to have a seat.

    2. Wear your mask at any time when you are going to be within 6 ft. of someone (getting help, walking around the room, etc.)

    3. Listen the first time rules or instructions are given.

    4. Respect others, their space, and their belongings.

    5. Be quiet and listen when someone else is speaking

    6. Treat yourself and everyone else with respect with your actions and language!

    7. Ask permission to leave the classroom for any reason- the teacher retains the right to ask you to wait for an appropriate time to leave the room.

    8. Students are expected to follow WMHS Portable Electronic Device procedures.  

    Expectations:   Be ENGAGED!

    E:  Always put forth your best effort

    NNoise level should remain appropriate for the activity

    G:  Always Give Respect to others ideas and opinions. We will be learning about a lot of 

    differing cultures, ideas and views and all will be given respect.  Debate will be respectful  

    and appropriate.  

    A:  A positive Attitude goes a long way to individual success and a positive class community.

    G:  Setting both short and long term Goals will contribute to success!

    E:  Be Efficient- using your time wisely will result in more time for student choice activities.

    D:  You should always be Doing the assigned task and not working on other things or  



    If You Choose to Break A Rule:         

    1st Time:  Verbal warning.         

    2nd Time:  Student/Teacher Conference after class.         

    3rd Time:  Phone call or email home to discuss behaviors.            

    4th Time:  Discipline slip to the office.


    Rewards Include:

    Extra credit (teacher’s discretion)

    Class celebrations/games

    Praise, formal recognition


    Severe Disruption: In cases of fighting, use of profanity, destruction of property, disrespect shown toward an adult, cursing, and/or insubordination the student will automatically be sent to the office.  (** Please note that the school has a tardy and no hat/hood policy that will also be enforced.  For details, see the student handbook.)

    *Students will be sent to the office and an administrator will address not following COVID health and safety protocols.