• English 11A Syllabus

    Mrs. Reed

    2019 – 2020


    Things to Know

    Reading:  Bring a book of your choice to class every day.  Enjoy free reading in addition to assigned pieces that allow us glimpses of American life during different time periods.

    Writing:  Find your voice on the page!  We write most days.  We will question, react, reflect, and discover.  We will inform, argue, persuade, figure out what we think, and find a way to be heard.

    Communicating:  Your teammates are your reading and writing group at assigned times.  You will share your ideas, drafts, and brain power with these people.  You are responsible for conducting yourself respectfully whenever reacting to others’ opinions.  Communication is an important component of literacy and is a valuable skill we all need in school, at work, with our families and friends, and everywhere!


    Things to Bring


    Three-ring binder with lined notebook paper

    Pencils, blue or black pens


    Course Description


    Designed for the student who plans to pursue higher education after graduation, this advanced English course builds reading and writing stamina and develops critical thinking, self-discipline, and time management skills.  Units of study are arranged chronologically to complement the student’s study of U. S. History during the junior year.  Vocabulary is studied and assessed weekly. 

    The literature text is Prentice Hall Literature:  The American Experience.

    The vocabulary text is Vocabulary Workshop published by Sadlier .



    Requirements and Grading


    Each student working toward a high school diploma is required to complete an eleventh grade English course.  Each student is also required to take and pass both the Reading and Writing SOL tests in order to earn that diploma.

    Major Assignments total 50% of your course grade, including tests, writing assignments, and some projects.

    Minor Assignments total 40% of your course grade, including quizzes, drafts, and select graded classwork assignments.

    Participation totals 10% of your course grade, including using class time wisely, participating appropriately in class discussion and group work, attendance, punctuality, behavior and preparedness, cooperation in following classroom procedures (such as use of sign-out sheet), timeliness of work, use of assigned reading time, and having a CHARGED chromebook or other laptop computer with you before the tardy bell every day starting the day that a chromebook is issued to you here at school.

    Grades are updated at least weekly and are calculated numerically in Infinite Campus.  Students and parents can monitor grades online, and are encouraged to do so. 

    Progress Reports will be sent home at the 4.5 week mark for both nine-week marking periods.

    Homework includes expectation of reading 20 minutes per day in addition to the reading done in class.  This builds fluency and stamina and increases our knowledge bank.

    Make-up Work must be completed promptly (at least within three days) in order to receive full credit.

    Unless you have already taken and passed them, you are required to take both the Writing and the Reading SOL tests this semester.  This earns you exemption from a final exam in this course.



    Success occurs when you allow me to teach every person in the class, ask for help when needed, follow directions, refuse to give up, do your best, and support your classmates.

    Grade 11 Standards of Learning






    11.1  The student will make informative and persuasive presentations.

    11.2  The student will analyze and evaluate informative/persuasive presentations.

    11.3  The student will read and analyze the relationships among American literature, history, and culture.

    11.4  The student will read and analyze a variety of informational materials.

    11.5  The student will read and critique a variety of poetry.

    11.6  The student will read and critique a variety of dramatic selections.

    11.7  The student will write in a variety of forms, with an emphasis on persuasion.

    11.8  The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing.

    11.9  The student will write, revise, and edit personal, professional, and informational correspondence to a standard acceptable in the workplace and higher education.

    11.10  The student will analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and organize information from a variety of sources to produce a documented (MLA format) research paper.


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