• Alg 2 Semester HW 1st Sem 2019

    9/13/19:  CW:  Graphing WS on Quadratic transformations-we went over this in class after group discussion time on it

                           FOIL Review 1/2 sheet-we went over this in class

                           6.2 Pkt Notes(for Ch.5)-(I handed this out today): pp.129-133(Example #2)

                  HW:  6.2 Pkt Notes(for Ch.5): 6.1 WS(Sect.5.2) p.316 Do #1-10 all *FOLLOW DIRECTIONS COMPLETELY!

                                                                     5.4 WS p.259(#1,3,5,7,9) *For #1,3 Do GCF only, #5,7,9 should factor like

     (x  #)(x  #) and check answer by FOIL!!

    *Tuesday?-Quiz 5.1-5.4

    9/12/19:  CW:  Finished Ch.3(Part 3-Linear Programming problem(10-15 mins)

                            OB Notes for Ch.5(Sect. 5.2)pp.126-128

                   CW/HW:  Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: 5.2 WS p.32(#1-8 all) and Book: (Sect. 5.1) p.320(#5-15 all)

    9/11/19:  CW:  Review and Test Ch.3(Part 1 and 2)

                   HW:  5.1 WS p.31(#1-6 all)

    *Test- Thursday on Ch.3(Part 3-Linear Programming problem(10-15 mins)

     9/10/19:  CW/HW:  Ch. 3 Test Review Pt 2-front and back all-had class time for this

                                   Ch. 3 Study Guide in the Book pp.232-234(#1-38 all)- had class time for this

    *Test- Wednesday on Ch.3

    9/9/19:  CW:   Notes on Graphing in 3-D               

                           Ch. 3 OB Notes  Sect. 3.5 pp.64-65

                          4.5 OB WS: Front p.144(#1-2)/Back p.146(#1-3,5,10,14,18)

                CW/HW:  Ch. 3 Test Review Part 1 -front and back all  

    *Test-Tuesday or Wednesday on Ch.3

    9/6/19:  CW:  We went over the OB Ch.3 Note EXAMPLES for Sect. 3.4(Linear Programming) pp.60-62

                         Linear Programming Pkt #1(Handed this out today) 1st page VET problem and 2nd page PARKING problem

                 HW:  Ch. 3 WS Pkt: Sect. 3.4 on Linear Programming p.22(#1-3 all)

    *Test-Tuesday or Wednesday on Ch.3

    9/5/19:  CW/HW:  Finish the OB Ch.3 Note EXAMPLES for Sect. 3.4(Linear Programming) pp.60-62

                                 Sect. 3.2 and 3.3 Book WS Pkt: 2nd page(#32) and 3rd page(#2)-Make sure you graph this one!!

    9/4/19:  CW/HW:  Ch.3 NB WS Pkt: (CW)Sect. 3.2 p.20(#13) and Sect. 3.2 and 3.3 Book WS Pkt: 1st page(all), 2nd page(#36,37)and on the (HW) 3rd page(Do #6 we started so finish for HW and Graph to find possible solutions)

                    HW:  Ch.3 NB WS Pkt: CH. Review 3.1-3.3 pp.66-67(#1-16 all)


    9/3/19:  CW:  Ch. 3 OB NOTES Pkt:  We went over Sect. 3.1-3.3 today in class(pp.52-59 EX 2-we did not do EX 3 on p.59)

                 CW/HW:  Ch. 3 NB WS pkt: p.19(#1-9 all, and #11), p.20(#1-11 ODD) and p.21(#1 and #2 only)


     9/2/19:  NO SCHOOL-LABOR DAY

    8/30/19:   CW:  Test Ch.2

                    HW:  Ch. 3 OB Notes Sect. 3.2 -COMPLETE pp.55-57   *(Use NB section 3.2 for more ex if needed)

                    Ch.3 OB WS Sect. 3.2 p.128-Do 1st column only(BUT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON WS!! #1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25)

    8/29/19:   CW/HW: 2.9 Transformation Review WS for Ch. 2(#1-6 all)-we went over this in class

                                   CH.2 Test Review WS PART 2(front and back all)-we worked on this in class

    *Test Ch.2-Friday

    8/28/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz(2.6-2.9)

                   CW/HW:  CH.2 Test Review WS PART 1(front and back all)

    *Test Ch.2-Friday

    8/27/19:  CW:  OB CH. 2 WS Pkt: p.13,14 and 18 Examples and went over 2.9 Graphing WS and discussed transformations

                          1.6 WS p.33(#15-20 all)/p.34(#9-15 odd and #14)we over all of these in class

                   CW/HW:  2.9 Practice A/Practice C WS-front and back all(I handed this out today)

                                  Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Ch. Review pp.53-54(#29-44 all)


    *Test Ch.2-Friday

    8/26/19:  CW: CH. 2 OLD Book Notes Pkt: Finished p.12

                   CW/HW:  2.9 Graphing WS on Absolute Value(finish for hw)

                                  1.6 WS p.33(#9-14 all)/p.34(#5-8 all)


    *Test Ch.2-Friday

    8/23/19:  CW:  Reviewed the 1.8 Reteaching WS(From Ch.1) on Horizontal and Vertical Stretches and Compressions

                           Ch. 2 Notes Pkt: Went over Sect. 2.6 pp.42-43 and did 2.6 WS p.15(#1-7 all)together

                           Ch. 2 OLD Book Notes Pkt(I handed this out today)-pp.11-12 Examples #1-3

                      CW/HW:  Book: Sect. 2.6(Transformations) p.136(#1-6 all, 8-14 all)

                               Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Sect. 2.8 p.17(#1-8 all)-**Remember for #1-6 all to ISOLATE THE VARIABLE AND DO 2 CASES(POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE)

    8/22/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz(2.1-2.5)

                            Ch. 2 Notes Pkt: Sect. 2.7 pp.44-45(Scatter plots)

                   CW/HW:  Ch. 2 Notes Pkt: Sect. 2.7 WS p.16(all)-Use Calculator to put into STATS to get equation of line of best fit

                                    2.5 WS Front p.83(all)/ Back p.84(all)-*DRAW THE LINE OF BEST FIT AND ALL WORK MUST BE DONE BY HAND AND THEN CHECKED ON THE CALCULATOR!! 

    If time, look over Sect. 2.6 in the Notes Pkt and the examples in the book!!

    8/21/19:  CW:  Went over and finished Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Sect. 2.3 p.12(all), Sect. 2.4 p.13(all) and Sect. 2.5 p.14(all)

                  CW/HW:  FRONT: 2.2 WS p.66(all)/BACK: 2.4 WS p.76 all

                                 Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Ch. Review pp.50-52(#1-28 all)


    8/20/19:  CW: Ch.2 Notes Pkt: We went over Sect. 2.1-2.5 pp.32-41 in class

                   CW/HW:  Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Sect. 2.3 p.12(#1-13 all), Sect. 2.4 p.13(#3,5,6,8,9) and Sect. 2.5 p.14(#1-2 all)


    8/19/19:  CW:  Ch. 1 Test

                   HW:  Ch.2 Notes Pkt: Review Sect. 2.1-2.2 pp.32-26 and any notes on those pages and Look over Book Ex for 2.1-2.2

                           Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Sect. 2.1 p.10(#1-11 all) and Sect. 2.2 p.11(#1-10 all)

    8/16/19:  CW:  Went over 1.8 and 1.9 WS pp.8-9 together

                               1.9 Graphing WS-went over in class and filled in Domain and Range and discussed the transformations from the Parent Graph

                   HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Chapter Review pp.26-28(#32-44 all, omit #40 and 41)

                            Book: Study Guide for Ch.1 pp.78-79(#36-39,41-44,48,49,53,54,55(put #55 in "STATS" in Calc))

     *Monday-Test Ch.1

     8/15/19:  CW:  Went over 1.8 Notes pp.19-20 and  1.9 Notes p.21

                           1.9 Graphing WS(front and back)(This WS was handed out today in class)

                           Reteach 1.8 WS-Did #1 and 2 on the back together

                  HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Chapter Review pp.24-25(#1-31 all)

     *Monday-Test Ch.1

    8/14/19:  CW:  Went over 1.6 and 1.7 Notes pp.16-18 and  WS PKT: 1.6 WS p.6(all)-in class together

                          1.7 Practice A WS(all) -in class together (This WS was handed out today in class)

                   HW:  Reteach 1.8 WS-Do #1 and 2 on the front only(This WS was handed out today in class)

                            Ch. 1 WS Pkt: 1.7 WS p.7(#1-6 all and #8)

                           Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Use the Book and fill in the notes for Sect. 1.8 pp.19-20

    *Friday?/Monday-Ch. 1 Test

    8/13/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz on 1.1-1.5

                    HW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: "Flip Classroom" Use the book and fill in 1.6 and 1.7 Notes pp.16-18

    8/12/19:  CW:  Pract. WS on Exponent Property Rules(we did this together in class)

                          Ch. 1 WS Packet: p.239(#1-12 all) and p.240(#1,4,7,11-21 odd)

                  HW:  Book WS STUDY GUIDE: REVIEW pp.76-77(#2-35 all) and I recommend you do p.242 in WS Pkt: #6-18 all

    *Tuesday-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.5)

    8/9/19:  CW:  Went over the 1.4 and 1.5 Notes pp.13-15 and 1.5 Notes from the Old Book pp. 98-100(Did not do all EX)

                           Ch. 1 WS Pkt:  1.4 WS p.4(all)

                 HW:  D42 WS on Radicals #1-20 all and Ch. 1 WS Pkt:  1.5 WS p.5(#1-12 all)

    *Tuesday-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.5)

    8/8/19:  CW:  Went over the 1.3 Notes pp.11-12 and the "Simplifying Radicals" Pkt. Examples and students worked

    on last page in groups

                  HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: 1.3 WS p.3(#1-16 all)

                           Ch.1 Notes Pkt: Sect. 1.4 and 1.5 pp.13-15 fill in using Book

    *Tuesday-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.5)

    8/7/19:  CW:  Went over Ch. 1 Notes Packet: Sect. 1.2 pp.9-10 and the OLD BOOK WS NOTES pp.6-7

                  HW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Fill in Notes using Book for Sect. 1.3 pp.11-12

                           Ch. 1 WS Pkt: WS 1.2 p.2(#1-14 all) and Look over the Sect. 1.3 Notes and Examples on Radicals

     Get Green Sheet (Parent Letter/Discipline Plan) and Pink Sheet(Calculator Contract) signed

    *Tuesday?-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.5)

    8/6/19:  CW:  Class Business with Syllabus, etc

                          Ch. 1 Notes Packet: pp.6-7

                  HW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Look over 1.1 p.8 and fill in Sect. 1.2 pp.9-10 using Book

                            Ch. 1 WS Pkt: WS 1.1 Practice #1-8 all

                            Get Green Sheet (Parent Letter/Discipline Plan) and Pink Sheet(Calculator Contract) signed

    ---------------------------------Alg 2 Semester HW 1st 9 weeks------------------------------

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