• Alg 2 Part 1 HW 1st semester

    9/13/19:  CW:  Sect. 3.1 and 3.2 Notes pp.52-57

                  CW/HW: (CW)3.2 WS p.128(#1-4 all, #7,#12) and(HW) #19-27 all, omit #21 and make sure you do at least 2 by substitution and 2 by elimination!!

    *Wednesday-Quiz(Sect. 3.1-3.3)

    9/12/19:  CW:  Review and Test Ch.2

                   HW:  3.1 WS(handed out on Wednesday 9/11/19) p.119/120(front and back all)-This is review material from Alg 1 so go back over the examples that I went over on the WS to help you!

     9/11/19:   CW:  Went over CW/HW from Tuesday 9/10/19 and reviewed for the test Ch.2

                     CW/HW:  Ch. 2 Test Review Part 2(front and back all)

    *Thursday-Test ch.2

     9/10/19:  CW/HW:  Graphing WS on 2.6 and 2.9(2 pages)-had class time to do this

                                     Ch. 2 Test Review Part 1(front and back all)- had class time to do this

    *Thursday-Test ch.2

    9/9/19:  CW:  Notes Ch 2 NB Pkt: Sect. 2.6 pp.42-43 and Sect. 2.9 pp.48-49

                          2.6 Pract. A/B WS(all)-in class

                 CW/HW:  2.9 Pract. B(#1-7 all)/ Pract. C(#1-6 all)

    *Thursday-Test ch.2

    9/6/15:  CW:  Ch. 2 WS Pkt: finished 2.5 Practice B WS p.2-36(#3-5 all and the Word Problem on the back of that ws)

                                                 2.7 Problem Solving WS p.2-57(#1-9 all)

                         Review and Quiz(Sect. 2.3-2.5,2.7)

                 HW:  NO HW!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    9/5/19:  CW:  2.5 Practice(Sect. 2.7)#1-3 by putting into STATS in the calculator

                        Notes for Sect. 2.5 and did WS 2.5 Practice B in the WS Pkt #1 and #2

                CW/HW:  CH. Review(Sect. 3.3-3.5, 3.7) pp.51-52(#15-28 all) and p.53(#33)

    *Friday-Quiz(Sect. 2.3-2.5,2.7)

    9/4/19:  CW:  Ch.2 Notes Pkt: p.38(Ex. 1 and "Your Turn")-we did this together

                 CW/HW:  Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Practice WS(2.3)p.66(#1-14 all)/Study Guide WS(2.4) p.76(#1-8 all)

                                2.5 WS(Sect. 2.7)Scatter Plots: Do #1-3 all(*Make sure all work is done by hand and then use "STATS" on your calculator to see another possible equation) This WS was handed out today!!!

    *Friday-Quiz(Sect. 2.3-2.5,2.7)

    9/3/19:  CW:  2.4 Practice A WS p.29(#1-10 all) and Notes Pkt: Sect. 2.3-2.4 pp.37-40

                 CW/HW:  Ch.2 WS Pkt: 2.3 B WS p.2-20(#1-13 all) and 2.4 B WS p.2-28(#1-9 all)

    *Friday-Quiz(Sect. 2.3-2.5,2.7)

     9/2/19:  NO SCHOOL-LABOR DAY

    8/30/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz(Sect.2.1,2.2,2.8)

                            2.3 Reteaching WS(front and back) on slope and x and y intercepts

                   CW/HW:  2.3 Practice A WS(#1-10 all)

    8/29/19:  CW:  Ch. 2 Notes Pkt:  Ch. 2 Old Book Notes p.11-12

                            Kuta WS on Absolute Value Equalites(Some problems together and some on own and checked)

                    HW:  Kuta WS on Absolute Value Inequalites- Do #12 and 19(REMEMBER 2 CASES AND Flip ineq on neg case)

                            Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Ch. Review for Sect. 2.1,2.2 and 2.8 p.50(#1-14 all) and p.54(#34-39 all)


    8/28/19:  CW:  Ch. 2 Notes Pkt:  Sect. 2.8 pp.13,14,16,17,18  

                   CW/HW:  CW(1.6 WS(Sect. 2.8) p.34(#5-8all))-make sure this is finished!!!

                                   HW(1.6 WS(Sect. 2.8) p.33(#15-20 all)-Remember 2 cases(pos and neg) so 2 ANSWERS!!!

      *Friday-Quiz(Sect.2.1,2.2,2.8)-moved from Thursday!!

    8/27/19:  CW:  Ch. 2 Notes Pkt:  Sect. 2.2 pp.35-36 and Sect. 2.8 p.46

                           2.2 Practice B WS(Back of 2.1 Pract B WS from Monday)-we went over this in class

                   CW/HW:  Ch.2 WS Pkt(I handed this out today): 2.2 Practice WS C(#1-11 all)

                                                                                                 1.6 WS(Sect. 2.8) p.33(#9-14 all)


    8/26/19:  CW:  Ch. 2 Notes Pkt:  Sect. 2.1 pp.32-34

                   CW/HW: (CW) 2.1 Practice B WS(front only)-finish for hw if not finished in class

                                   (HW) Book: p.94(#2-42 even) graph #18,20,38 on a # line!!


    8/23/19:  CW:  Review and Test Ch.1

                   HW:  NONE!!!-Enjoy your weekend!!

    8/22/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz(1.6-1.9)

                   CW/HW:  Test Review  WS Part 1(Multiple Choice-show work on *'d problems)

                                   Test Review  WS Part 2(Short answer-show work where needed!!)

    *Friday-Ch. 1 Test

    8/21/19:  CW:  1.8 Reteaching WS-Front only #1-2 and the (Back of the 1.7 WS) 1.8 Practice WS(#1-4 all and #7)

                           Went over the 1.9 Graphing WS and discussed Domain and Range and the transformations

                   CW/HW:  1.9 Practice B WS(#1-7 all)

                                  Quiz Review WS for Sect. 1.6-1.9(front and back all)

      *Thursday-Quiz(Sect. 1.6-1.9)

    *Friday-Ch. 1 Test

    8/20/19:  CW:  Finished Word problems for Sect. 1.7 and Did 1.9 Parent Graph Notes

                   CW/HW:  1.9 Graphing WS on Parent Graphs -Finish Graphing and Find Domain and Range for each graph

                                1.7 WS p.7(#1-6 all, and #8)

    *Thursday-Quiz(Sect. 1.6-1.9)

    *Friday-Ch. 1 Test

    8/19/19:  CW:  Notes on Sect. 1.7

                   CW/HW:  FRONT: 1.5 WS p.242(Exponents)-#2-24 EVEN

                                  1.7 Practice A WS(#1-7 all)

                                  Book: p.54(#5-7 all, #12-17 all)

    8/16/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz on 1.4-1.5 cumulative

                            Notes on Sect. 1.6

                   HW:  FRONT: 1.5 WS p.242(Exponents)-#1-23 ODD/BACK: 1.6 Practice B WS(#1-6 all)

                          BOOK: pp.47-49(#1-15 all, 31-37 all)

    8/15/19:  CW:  1.5 Lesson WS Set B(Finish) we went over these in class

                           1.5 WS(Scientific Notation) p.240(3,9,11,14) we went over these in class

                  CW/HW:  6.2 Practice WS: Front: 2nd col. #5-32, 3rd col. #21,24,27/BACK: 2nd col. #2-26, 3rd col. #12,15,18,21

                                 1.5 Kuta WS(#2-30 EVEN)

    *Friday-Quiz(Sect. 1.4-1.5) Cumulative

    8/14/19:  CW:  1.5 Lesson WS Set B(#4-6 all, #8, #9)

                   CW/HW:  1.5 WS(Scientific Notation) p.240(#1,2,4,7,10)

                                   1.5 Kuta WS(#1-29 odd)

    *Friday-Quiz(Sect. 1.4-1.5) Cumulative

    8/13/19:  CW:  Exponent Property Rules Notes

                   CW/HW: (CW) Front 1.5 Reteaching WS/(HW) Back  1.5 Lesson WS Set A(all) and Set B(#1-3 all)

                                   Book pp.30-31(#9-23 all, #27-29 all)

                                  Write at least 3 sentences about YOUR "WHY"(meaning why are you taking Alg 2 and what are your goals right now and for the future)

    *Thursday-Quiz(Sect. 1.4-1.5) Cumulative

    8/12/19:  CW:  Review and Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.3)

                    CW/HW: (CW)FRONT:  1.4 Notes WS on writing Alg expressions and solving word problems/

                                    (HW)BACK: 1.4 Problem Solving WS(#5-8 all)

                                    1.4 A WS(#1-17 all)

    8/9/19:  CW/HW:  Simpliying Radical Pkt: Last page #8-42 EVEN

                                  D42 WS on Radicals(#1-15 all, EC #16-20 all)

                                 Practice WS A-B(all front and back)

                                 Book: pp.10-11(#14-21 all) and p.18(#35-40,44-49)

    *Monday-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.3)

    8/8/19:  CW:  A few board examples on Add/Mult Inverse and Properties from Sect. 1.2

                          Notes on Radicals from the "Simplifying Radical Pkt" and made a "Perfect Square" list

                 HW:  Simpliying Radical Pkt: Last page #7-41 ODD

    *Monday-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.3)

    8/7/19:  CW:  Finished Notes on Sect. 1.1 and started notes on Sect. 1.2

                  CW/HW:  Book: Sect. 1.1 pp.10-13(#1-7 all, 9, 11, 30-39 all and 63-66 all)

                                 1.2 Reteach WS (#6-12 all)

     Get Green Sheet (Parent Letter/Discipline Plan) and Pink Sheet(Calculator Contract) signed

    *Monday-Quiz(Sect. 1.1-1.3)

    8/6/19:  CW:  Class Business with Syllabus, etc

                          Sect 1.1 Book Notes pp. 6-7

                HW:  1.1 WS Practice A #1-12 all(use notes and book to help)

                         Get Green Sheet (Parent Letter/Discipline Plan) and Pink Sheet(Calculator Contract) signed

    ------------------------------Alg 2 Part 1 HW 1st 9 weeks-----------------------------------

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