• Alg 2 Sem HW(Block 2) 2020


    3/17/2020: No School  HW: Ch. Review sect. 6.1-6.3 pp.137-139(#1-23 all)

    3/16/2020:  NO SCHOOL  HW:  Ch. 6 NB Notes and WS PKT: 6.3 WS p.42(#1-10 all)

    3/13/2020: CW:  Ch. 6 NB Notes and WS PKT:  6.3 Reteach WS p.23(all)

                       CW/HW:  Ch. 6 NB Notes and WS PKT:  5.3 WS p.254(Finish all omit #24,26)follow directions given in class

    3/12/2020:  CW:  Ch. 6 NB NOTES  and WS PKT:  6.3 Reteach WS p.22(#1-4 all

                      CW/HW:  Ch. 6 NB NOTES  and WS PKT:  5.3 WS p.254(CW: #4,9/HW: #2,6,8,12,16)­-For #8,12,16 use LONG DIVISION


    3/11/2020:  CW:  Ch. 6 NB NOTES PKT:  6.1 Notes pp.122-123, 6.1 NB Notes  and WS PKT: Reteach 6.1 pp.6-7(all)

    and 6.1 Pract.  WS p.40(#1-9 all and #12)-we went over these in class

                         CW/HW:  6.1 NB Notes  and WS PKT: 6.1 Pract. WS C p.5(#1-6 all) and 6.2 Pract. WS B p.41(#1-8 all,9,11)



    3/10/2020:  CW: Test Ch.5

                      HW: NONE

    3/9/2020:  CW:  We went over Ch. 5 Test Rev #1, Rev #2 and Ch. Review from NB WS PKT pp.115-118(#19-51 ODD)

                      HW:  Study for the Ch. 5 Test-Look over all Reviews

    **(You can do extra review from your book pp.392-395(#1-71,74-77,82-95)-Answers are on p.SA20 "Study Guide:  Review")

    *Tuesday-Test Ch.5

    3/6/2020: CW/ HW:  Ch. 5 Test Review Form A Short ans WS(Front and back all)

                                    Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: Ch. Review Sect. 5.5-5.9 pp.115-118(#19-51 ODD)

    *Tuesday-Test Ch.5

     3/5/2020:  CW: Reviewed all work from when I was gone

                         HW:  Ch. 5 Test Review Form A Mult. Choice WS(Front and back all)

     3/4/2020:  CW/HW:  5.2 OB Notes Pkt:  Sect. 5.9 WS p.290(#1-30 all) and p.291(#1-4 all)

                                           Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 5.6 p.36(#1-10 all)

     3/2/2020:  CW/HW:  Quadratic Formula Pkt: Complete all pages

                                          WS(B35 on factoring/6.6 Vertex, etc)-all

    2/28/2020:  CW:  5.2 OB Notes Pkt:  Sect. 5.5 pp.116-118 and 5.9 Reteach p. 71(#12-20 all)

                      CW/HW:  5.2 OB Notes Pkt:  Sect. 5.9 WS p.287(#1-15 all) and Sect. 5.9 WS p.288(#1-15 all)

    *Tuesday-Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:00-6:30)

    2/27/20:    CW:  Review and Quiz(5.1-5.4)

                     CW/HW: Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 5.7 p.37(#1,2,5-8 all)-See Book pp.366-368 for more ex for #5-8 all

    2/26/2020:  CWKUTA(Complete Sq. WS)-We did evens as examples for Vertex Form

                       CW/HW:  Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 5.4 p.34(#1-12 all) and Ch. Review pp.113-115(#1-18 all)


    2/25/2020:  CW:  5.2 Notes from the OB Pkt: pp.134-136

                       CW/HW:  5.4 WS on Factoring Polynomials p.260(#1-25 all) and KUTA(Complete Sq. WS)#1-13 ODD


    2/24/2020:  CW:  1/2 Sheet Review of FOIL and Distributive Property and 5.4 OB Notes WS pp.105-106

                       CW/HW:  5.4 WS on Factoring Polynomials p.259(#1-24 all)


    2/21/2020:  CW:  Book Notes for 5.3 See Book pp.333-335(EX 1 and 2 and the "Check it outs")

                CW/HW:  WS(4 pages on 1 WS F&B): CW: 5.2 Read to Learn p.347(#1-2 all) and 6.1 Read to Learn p.317(#1-3 all)

                                                                            HW:  5.2 WS p.316(#2,3,4,6,7)-READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS

                                       HW:  Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 5.3 p.33(#1-10 all)

    2/20/2020:  CW:  Reviewed Transformations of Quadratics-BACK of graphing WS from yesterday

                               6.1 Practice A WS p.3 -Handed out today

                              5.2 Notes from the OB Pkt: pp.126-128

                       CW/HW:  Ch. 5 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 5.1 p.31(#1-6 all) and  Sect. 5.2 p.32(#1-8 all)

    2/19/2020:  CW:  Review and Test Ch.3(Part 1 and 2)

                      HW:  5.1 WS on Graphing using calculator and naming Transformations(#1-5 all)

    *Test- Thursday on Ch.3(Part 3-Linear Programming problem(10-15 mins)

    2/18/2020:  CW:  Went over material from last Friday through today to review for Test

                       CW/HW:  Ch. 3 Test Review WS(NB) Form A(Front and Back all)-Graph #10-12 all on separate graph paper,

    make table with vertices for #13, and do #18-20 all in Calculator "EQ":  Simultaneous(F1), 3 Unknowns(F2)

                                        Ch. 3 Test Review(OB) WS-front and back all-Graph #12 and 13 on separate graph paper and

    make table with vertices for #13

    *Wednesday-Test on Ch. 3

    2/17/2020:  CW:   Notes on Graphing in 3-D (WS handed out today)                         

                                3.3 OB Notes  Sect. 3.5 pp.64-65

                      CW/HW:   4.5 OB WS: (HW)Front p.144(#1-2)/(CW)Back p.146(#1-3,5,10,14,18)

                                        Ch. 3 WS Pkt: Ch. Review pp.68-70(#19,21,24,26,27,29,31,32)

    *Wednesday-Test on Ch. 3

     2/14/2020:  CW/HW:  Book: Look over notes and EX pp.214-215 and do "Check it out" problems

                                        Book:  p.213(#1-19 all) and p.210(#18-20 all)

                                      Ch.3 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 3.5 p.23(#1-5 all)

    2/13/2020:  CW:  Ch. 3 OB NOTES Pkt:  We went over Sect. 3.4 Notes pp.60-63 and Linear Prog Pkt #1: Vet EX and Parking Lot EX

                       HW:  Ch.3 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 3.4 p.22(#3) and Book problems p.208 #3 and p.209 #8-Use Graphing WS given in class to graph and  show work for #3 and #8-Use EX in BOOK and in NOTES to help

    2/12/2020:  CW:  Review and Quiz(3.1-3.2)

                      CW/HW:  Ch. 3 OB NOTES Pkt:  COMPLETE the Sect. 3.4 Notes pp.60-63 Use 1/2 sheet of graph paper to do the "Your Turns" on p.61 and p.63

    2/11/2020:    CW:  Ch.3 NB WS Pkt: (CW)Sect. 3.3 p.21(#5) and Sect. 3.4 p.22(#1-2 all)

                         CW/HW:  Sect. 3.2 and 3.3 Book WS Pkt: (CW)1st page(#27), 2nd page(#32,36,37)and on the(HW) 3rd page(Finish #2 and #6 for HW and Graph to find possible solutions) and

                        (HW) Ch.3 NB WS Pkt: CH. Review 3.1-3.3 pp.66-67(#1-15 all)


     2/10/2020:  CW/HW:  Ch. 3 OB NOTES Pkt:  Sect. 3.3 Notes today in class(pp.58-59) Finish YOUR TURN on p.59 bottom

                                        Ch. 3 NB WS pkt:  3.3 WS p.21(#3 and 4)-we did #1&2 in class and went over them


    2/7/2020:   CW:  3.1 Old Book Notes: Sect. 3.1 and 3.2 pp.52-57

                      CW/HW:  Ch. 3 WS Pkt: Sect. 3.1 p.19(#1-9 all)

                                       3.2 OB Practice WS p.128(#1-27 odd)


    2/6/2020:  CW:  Ch. 2 Test

                      HW:  NONE!!

    2/5/2020:  CW:  Went over Ch. 2 Test rev pt 1, Q(2.1-2.5) and Q(2.6-2.9)

                    CW/HW:  Ch. 2 Test Review WS(Part 2) Form A-front and back all

    *Thursday-Ch. 2 Test

    2/4/2020:  CW:  Review and Quiz(2.6-2.9)

                     CW/HW:  Ch. 2 Test Review WS(Part 1) Form A-front and back all

    *Thursday-Ch. 2 Test

    2/3/2020:  CW/HW:  Finish WS in 2.6-2.9 Pkt and CH. 2 NB WS Pkt: Ch. Review pp.53-54(#29-44 all)


    1/30/2020 and 1/31/2020: CW/HW:  2.6-2.9 Pkt: Do all Notes and WS in the packet

                                            CH.2 NB WS Pkt: Ch. Review pp.53-54(#29-44 all) 

    1/29/2020:  CW:  CH. 2 Notes Pkt: 2.6-2.8 pp.42-47

                          CW/HW:  CH. 2 NB WS Pkt: Sect. 2.8 p.17(#1-12 all) and Sect. 2.9 p.18(#1-7 all)

    1/28/2020:  CW: Review and Tuesday(2.1-2.5)

                      CW/HW:  2.6-2.8 OB/NB Pkt: 2.7 NOTES on Scatterplots complete pp.38-40

                                                                     2.7 WS: Front p.83(Do all work by hand(see notes and check in STATS)/Back p.84(graph but use STATS in Calculator to find equation)

    *Quiz-Monday(Feb. 3rd)Sect. 2.6-2.9

    *Test Ch. 2-Wednesday(Feb. 5th)

    1/27/2020:  CW:  Ch.2 Notes Pkt: We went over Sect. 2.5 p.41 in class

                     CW/HW:  Old Book WS (Sect 2.5 p.66(#5-14 all) and p.76(#1,4,7,8)

                                      NB WS Pkt:  Ch. Review Sect. 2.1-2.5 pp.50-52(#1-28 all)


    1/24/2020:  CW: Ch.2 Notes Pkt: We went over Sect. 2.1-2.4 pp.32-40 in class

                      CW/HW:  Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Sect. 2.3 p.12(#1-13 all), Sect. 2.4 p.13(#1-10 all)


    1/23/2020:  CW:  Ch. 1 Test           

                      CW/HW:  Ch.2 Notes Pkt: Review Sect. 2.1-2.2 pp.32-36 and any notes on those pages and Look over Book Ex for 2.1-2.2

                                       Ch. 2 WS Pkt: Sect. 2.1 p.10(#1-11 all) and Sect. 2.2 p.11(#1-10 all)

    1/22/2020:  CW:  Went over 1.9 Pract. A WS(all) and 1.9 Graphing WS-went over in class and filled in Domain and Range and discussed the transformations from the Parent Graph

                      HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Chapter Review pp.26-28(#32-44 all, omit #40 and 41)

                               Book: Study Guide for Ch.1 pp.78-79(#36-39,41-44,48,49,53,54,55(put #55 in "STATS" in Calc))

    *Thursday-Ch. 1 Test                  

    1/21/2020:  CW:  We over 1.9 Notes pp.22-23 and 1.9 Reteaching WS(#1-4 all)

                      CW/HW:  Graphing WS on Parent Graphs and transformations-finish front and back all

                                      1.9 Practice WS A(#1-8 all)

    *Thursday-Ch. 1 Test                  

    1/17/2020:  CW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: 1.8 Notes pp.19-20 (I handed this ws out yesterday that the notes are already completed) and  1.8 Reteaching WS(handed out today)-we did the ex on the front and back

                          CW/HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: 1.8 p.8(#1-7 all) and Reteach 1.9 WS(handed out today) #1-4 all

    *Wednesday or Thursday-Ch. 1 Test                  

    1/16/2020:  CW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: I handed out the filled in notes for 1.6 and 1.8/1.9

                               Ch. 1 WS Pkt:  1.6 p.6(all) and 1.8 WS Reading Strategies(all)-handed out today

                       CW/HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt:  1.7 p.7(1-6,8 all) and 1.7 Pract. A WS(1-8 all)-handed out today

    1/15/2020:  CW:  Quiz(1.1-1.5)    

                      CW/HW:   Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Old Book 5.1 WS p.242(#2-24 even)

    1/14/2020:  CW/HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Chapter Review pp.24-25(#1-30 all)

                                       Book WS: Study Guide for Ch.1 pp.76-77(#2-35 all)-answers are in the back of the book on the red tabbed page p.SA5 under "Study Guide Review"

    *Wednesday, Jan. 15th-Quiz(1.1-1.5)       

    1/13/2020:  CW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Went over 1.5(Old Book 5.1) pp.98-100 and 1.5 Exponent Rule WS(#1-9 all)

                      CW/HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Old Book 5.1 WS p.239(#1-12 all), p.240(#4,7,10,16)

                                                              1.5 WS p.5(#7-15 all) 

                                       WS D42 on Adding and Subtracting Radicals(#1-20 all)   

    *Wednesday, Jan. 15th-Quiz(1.1-1.5)       

    1/10/2020:  CW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Went over 1.1 and 1.2 Notes p.6-7 and 1.3 Notes pp.11-12

                                                           Went over 1.4 and 1.5 Notes pp.13-15 together in class

                      CW/HW:  Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Simplifying Square Root WS #7-41 ODD  

                                                               1.3 WS p.3(#1-16 all), 1.4 WS p.4(#1-10 all) and 1.5 WS p.5(#1-6 all)       

    *Wednesday, Jan. 15th-Quiz(1.1-1.5)       

    1/9/2020:  CW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Went over 1.2 Notes p.9-10 and Ch. 1 WS Pkt: Did Simplifying Square Root EX

                     HW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: pp.6-7 Do all EX on the Old Book WS for 1.1 and 1.2

                              Fill in Notes using Book for 1.3 pp.11-12

                             Ch. 1 WS Pkt: 1.2 WS p.2(1-14 all) and Simplifying Square Root WS #8-42 EVEN                    

       *Get Parents to sign: Pink Calculator Contract and Green Sheet(Front and back) Parent letter and discipline contract

     1/7 and 1/8/2020:  No School SNOW DAYS

    1/6/2020:  CW:  Class Business with Syllabus, etc

                                 Ch. 1 Notes Packet: pp.6-7

                     HW:  Ch. 1 Notes Pkt: Look over 1.1 p.8 and  fill in Sect. 1.2 pp.9-10 using Book

                              Ch. 1 WS Pkt: WS 1.1 Practice #1-8 all

        *Get Parents to sign: Pink Calculator Contract and Green Sheet(Front and back) Parent letter and discipline contract


    --------------------------Alg 2 Sem HW 2nd sem 1st 9 weeks-------------------------

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